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VAASTUSHASTRA- Ancient Science Equivalent to Modern Civil Engineering

"Vaastu Shastra" is an ancient Indian Science literally means "Science of Construction" or "Science of Architecture". This science is based on the concept of laws of nature and notion that house or construction should be built in harmony with nature. It further mentions that five basic elements of nature, water, fire, air and sky should be balanced while the construction is carried out.
Science of Vaastu is as old as our Indian Civilization and whole world knows how old is Indian Civilization! In fact many principles of our modern civil engineering can find its roots in Vaastu Shastra. The details of the same can be easily found in one of the four Vedas- "Yajur Veda".

Scientific Explanation and Reasoning of Vaastu Shastra

The most prominent form of forces not only on our Earth but in entire Solar System are Gravitational Force and Magnetic Force which of course find their roots in each other. You can refer my article to read how a man can be affected by Gravitational Forces- Indian Astrology- Science Behind It, Validated by Newton's Law

Now,Vaastu says that every plot or house can be divided in eight directions and every direction has a  GOD     ( Scientifically, Form of Energy) associated with it which is as follows-
East (E)->Indra(Earth)
South-East(SE) ->Agni(Fire)
South(S) ->Yama
South West(SW) ->Niruthi
West(W) ->Varuna(Water)
North West(NW)  ->Vaayu(Air)
North(N) -> Kubera
North East(NE) -> Eswar(Sky)

                We know that magnetic field of our Earth is from South to North and Spinning of our earth is from West To East. If we assume for a momment that earth is spinning in a particular direction and thus the direction of air friction( though there is no air in universe) will be in opposite i.e from east to west. It is just like opposing friction force to running tyre on ground.
Same way vaastu says that energy(Energy of Sun and Air)comes from east direction and should be blocked appropriately in house to go out from west direction. Further magnetic field flows from South to North Direction, it will keep the flow of energy intact in our house forever and this will give us good health, peace of mind which in turns gives us prosperity. Indian Scripture says that we should sleep with our head in South direction and the same has been validated by western scientists too.(Our Bio-Magnetism In harmony with Earth's Magnetism)

I will not go into much details of Vaastu (briefly you can refer them in diagram at the start of article),my only point is scientific principles behind vaastu. Now let me tell you few principles of vaastu which have given birth to great principles of our Modern Civil Engineering.

Two Principles of Soil Tests according to Vaastu-
1-Dig a hole equal to the length of one hand deep in the ground. Exacavate the mud out of the hole completely and then refill it with this excavated mud. If quantity of mud excavated out is greater that the volume of the hole, then land is very good, If it is equal, then land is normal, If it is less, then not fit for construction. If any Civil or Geotechnical Engineer is reading this article then he can very well associate this principle with modern compaction soil test inference.
2-Dig a hole in the ground, excavate the soil and fill it with water. Then go walking for 100 yards. After walking 100 yards, return and notice the water level in the hole. If the water level is same as we have left, then land is very good, if it is little bit less, then land is normal and if it is very less, land is unfit for construction. Yeah,  Construction professionals can easily relate this test to fineness and seepage tests of soil along with nature of soil.

Though the vaastu is mentioned in "Yajur Veda", the established and validated source of its existence as per historians is Age of Raja Bhoja. Raja Bhoja was an Ancient Indian King of 11th Century who have written the most prominet scripture on VaastuShastra " SamranngSootraDhar". If we take this is as a reference, we can easily deduce that people who have given our Civil engineering its foundation principles must have found their source of inspiration from Ancient Indian Constuction Science- Vaastushastra only; in one way or other because there is no other ancient science in the world that can explain Science of Construction with such a depth along with its length and breadth.

Vaastu believes that five elements of nature should be harmony with each other because they represent not only natural forces but our five senses too-
Fire-Eyes(Vision)- SUN
Air-Touch(Skin)- WIND
Space- Sound(Ears)- SOUND Energy
Water-Taste(Tongue)- RAINS and RIVERS

We all are wise enough to admit the fact that nothing can give true happiness unless you have health and peace of mind, prerequsite to enjoy worldly pleasures. 

Vaastu thus is a science that compliments the art of construction.

Note- This artilce is written after detailed study from many books on Vaastu and Indepenent research on internet.

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