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Distance of Sun from Earth- Calulated through "Hanuman Chalisa" , An Ancient Hindu Prayer

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Modern Science and Astronomy says that-

Distance of Earth from Sun is 152 million km.

 I came across an interesting post on FaceBook  regarding this distance calculation and thought to share an elaborate verison of it with you all. It will help you to understand the significance of our ancient principles, technology and culture.

  Two lines of Hindu Prayer " Hanuman Chalisa" computes that distance with great simplicity and that too quite accurately -

! जुग सहस्त्र योजन पर भानु, लील्यो ताहि  मधुर फल जानू !

This means that Sun (भानु ) is at a distance of  Juug Sahastra Yojans (जुग सहस्त्र योजन- Distance Unit in Hindi)

According to following conversion practices that are in use as per Hindu Vedic Literature-

1Juug= 12000
Sahastra= 1000
1Yojan=8 Miles

Thus 12000X1000X8 = 96,000,000  miles

I miles= 1.6 kms

This further implies that distance is about 153,600,000 Km.

Some google research told me that in the 17th century two scientists Giovanni and Richer have calculated the distance of sun from earth  accurately and real close( at 140 million kilometers) to now officially declared figures.

Hanuman Chalisa has been validated by Goswami Tulsidas who is believed to be of 15th Century. This means distance of Sun from Earth has been calculated much more accurately than these 17th century scientists even two centuries before their birth.

Question here is not how Tulsidas calculated this distance or how he came to know about this distance.
But the attention of the moment should be on that people even in that age have knowledge and capabilities that is beyond the imagination of our so called  todays advanced nuclear energy age. 

 History is not presented to us in a way it should be. There are still many elements and precious jewels of information that are being kept hidden from us.

Ocean of history is before you, dive in and dig the jewels out.The gleaming beam of knowledge from these jewels will not only enrich our country but will also keep bestowing direction to our future generations.  

Sunday, October 7, 2012

An Endless Search For MOTIVATION-Ends Here

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Here comes the darkness'
Full of unpredictable and wild moments'
Heart is at Stake and beats becomes drum'
Brain becomes numb and Life runs on rum'

Time can be the biggest villain and greatest hero in any body's life. Sometimes it gives pleasant surprises and othertimes aukward memories. In these circumstances the very often question is search for some source of power to rise again, answers to tackle questions like sunnyday drained by rains, and the most important thing is to get motivated consequently so as to prevent efforts go in vain.

In these times look upon your past, remember the winning moments, glorious memories and feel like winner you always had been. Let rewind reel of those old times in our brain when times were perfect, everything would fall in place as it should be and we often portray that winning smile on our face.

Read biographies of great personalities of history, listen stories of your ancestors from granny and analyze how they have struggle their path towards greatness.

  • Daylight comes always after Night
  • When those times have passed-by these times too will be soon
  • Sometimes path of life extends beyond those blind ends
  • You are born to live your Life and realize the Call of your Destiny
Remember those stormy nights
When you had most daring fights
Everybody was staring at you; ready for a strike
Thunder lights and no mights

In those darkest moments 
Almighty Grants you a boon
 To be realized soon
Bell rings and you remember winning sights
Ray of hopes and Power of motivation
Started flowing in your veins

Fight, Fight and Fight
Try, Try and one more Try
Let it happens till you dry

Now the world is at your feet 
And Destiny is calling you for a meet

Sunday, May 27, 2012

OM-The Eternal Sound of Universal Rhythm

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"OM"- A rhythm as powerful as earthquake has the power to echo through our lives in a form that is similar to rise of 'Phoenix from the Ashes'. Helps in the discovery of whole new you, Infact the 'Real Me'.

Om is basically a divine and sacred symbol, syllable in Hinduism. It is chanted with influence and focus on three sanskrit words as " aa, au and ma". It is said to posses all the vibrations in the Universe.
Such is the power of this divine syllable that every 'Mantra' in Hindusim is assigned to begin and end with OM only. The easiest and quickest way to feel the presence of divine power around and within us is by humming this sacred sound of "OM".

Scientists and Practioners all over the world have feel different advantages of OM through their Experiments and Experiences as listed below-
  • Helps in gaining focus by removing distractful thoughts from the mind.
  • Helps in calming the nervous system and thus increasing our emotional quotient.
  • Helps in relaxation of body and mind by slowing down the breathing process.
  • Makes the surrounding atmosphere soother and thus oxygenation of our whole body.
  • Vibrations produced during chanting of OM is helpful in recovering body from many diseases and strengthening our immune system.
How to Chant "OM"
As explained before that OM consists of three sanskrit words-" aa, au and ma", so during chanting process we should first start with "aa". Sound of "aa" should start with our centre point of stomach and then without any break or obstruction move on to "au". Sound of "au" should start with our heart and then further move on to sound "ma" starting it from our vocal cord. 
Important-Before beginning this process take a deep breath (Inhale Air) as chanting is completly and continous exhaling process. Start with "aa" move on to "au" and end the cycle with humming of  "ma" a bit longer than previous two words. 

"OM" can not be bounded to any single religion.It is just that Hinduism has understood its significance and therfore has made "OM" an important aspect of its philosophy. Our sages(ancient times) have done penance and hardships for prolong period of time to understand "OM". Otherwise it is a mystical gift of GOD to humankind. Feel it, Enjoy this and Get Elevated.

Don't wait now, Don't Waste You time any Further, Include "OM" in your life and get connected to "Divine", The Almighty straight away.

Afterall Spirituality along with History is needless to say, powerful enough; to guide us into a bright new Future World.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Jwala Ji- The Eternal Flame even Akbar and Time Couldn't Extinguish

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"Jwala Ji" is name of Hindu Goddess in Hinduism. She is said to resides as an eternal flame since time infinity near a place called Kangra in Lower himalayas, India.

The mystical and astonishing fact about this flame is that it is burning since time immemorials.

Mythological legend goes that when Lord Shiva was in unconsious state due to death of his wife Sati who threw herself in holy altar after her father accused Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu divided Sati's body into fifty one pieces which fell on earth at various places. These places came to known as ShaktiPeeths and where Sati's tongue fell is Jwala Ji.

Some facts that can be traced in this regards-
  1. The flame burns flawless and in blue colour. (Scientifically this signifies complete combustion.)
  2. It is burning continously since first date of its known history. (Scientifically the source could be renewable in nature)
  3. We don't have any knowledge of its source. Some says it could be reserve of natural gas but same could not be validated.
  4. Legend goes that Akbar even tried to extinguish this eternal flame but couldn't get successful and the same could be validated in the form of golden umbrella which turned into copper (gift of Akbar in honour of Goddess Jwala Ji) in the temple.
  5. Governement of India with team of abled Geologists under Nehru Ji has also tried but in vain to establish the source of this eternal flame.
I think if it is spring of natural gas which is said to be the source of Eternal Fire as mentioned in Wiki, then why any other natural occurence of sacred flame as Jwala Ji can not be found in other parts of world posseing numerous springs of natural gas. Although I too beleive that there is surely some other phenomena and science that is working behind Jwala Ji eternal flame but that can be indication of glory of our ancestors.

Now many people can give the example of Baku Ateshgah, a place in Azerbaizan wherein a similar temple is said to be created since fire is sacred to both hinduism and zoroastranism. It has been established that the same was due to source of natural gas in the rocky region that begins around 16th century and is exhausted in current times.Case of Jwalaji temple is different since the flame is burning since time immemorial and is till burning naturally.

If you happen to go to Jwala Ji temple, notice that under the divine grace of Maa Jwala Ji, priest who perform prayers daily in the temple remains unaffected by the eternal flame (blue in colour) despite putting his hand in the flame to give blessings of "Maa" to her devotees.  

Conclusion is that everything can not be tested and verified on principles of science and that is why it is often said " Where the thinking boundary of Science ends, Region of Spirituality begins".

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Future World Needs Sustainable Construction- A Historical Reference

A Sustainable World
Construction, Repairing and Maintenance

3 modern buzz words of our ERA which goes simultanously with any infrastructural development activity i.e. you construct a facility, then to sustain it you need to maintain it and maintenance needs repairing at regular intervals.

We can not plan and imagine any infrastructural activity budget without allocating a substantial percentage of fund for repair and maintenance of the same. Still life of the structure can not be assured for even 100 years confidently despite all this hassles. 

Infrastructure is booming up and being developed at very fast pace all around the world. It has become almost synonymous primary factor with country's growth and future development. But the question of the hour is- Are we building an Infrastructure Durable and Sustainable enough to serve our future generations too?

Lets have a look at era of construction of some famous infrastructure (Monuments) from our history around the World-

Great Wall of China, China                     -  Constructed Around 7th Century B.C.
Petra, Jordan                                               -              Constructed Around 100 BCE
Machu Picchu, Peru                                     -              Constructed Around 1450 CE
Chichen Itza, Mexico                                   -              Constructed Around 600 CE
Colosseum, Italy                                         -               Constructed Around 80 CE
Taj Mahal, India                                          -               Constructed Around 1648 CE
Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt                     -            Constructed Around 2560 BCE
These are those examples of infrastructure marvels that have not only withstood the test of time but also had able to maintain adequate foothold till date without much repairing and maintenance activity.All these were sustainable and durable enough to withstand not only expectations of multiple generations but also deteriorating forces of nature.                                                                                                                                                                                        
We can learn and deduce a lot of information from our history by analysing these structures for- Material Used by them, Construction techniques employed by our ancestors and their designing and planning methodolgy. This information can be very well employed to use with aid of our modern technology and resources to build a more durable and sustainable world. eg- In Construction of Great Wall of China, local materials were used in building keeping in mind economy and harmony with local environment. In construction of Taj Mahal wooden foundations were used fully submerged in Yamuna  Water, refer                                          "Taj Mahal & Its Wood Foundation"                                                                                                                                                                                               This is other side of Story that due to pollution, devasting earthquakes and human interference these structure are in a state of deterioration today and demands much attention along with restoration works.

Although a significant repairing and maintenance activity can not be "zeroed in", focus should be on minimising it by building a more durable and sustainable infrastructure.

In the field of Construction it is often said that "Experience is the best teacher" and we can not get a more better account of such details in trails of Experience left by our ancestors embedded in our Historical Monuments and Marvels.

                                                                                                                                                    Explore, Explore, Explore - The Experience of Ancestors in Galore

Monday, December 12, 2011

VAASTUSHASTRA- Ancient Science Equivalent to Modern Civil Engineering

"Vaastu Shastra" is an ancient Indian Science literally means "Science of Construction" or "Science of Architecture". This science is based on the concept of laws of nature and notion that house or construction should be built in harmony with nature. It further mentions that five basic elements of nature, water, fire, air and sky should be balanced while the construction is carried out.
Science of Vaastu is as old as our Indian Civilization and whole world knows how old is Indian Civilization! In fact many principles of our modern civil engineering can find its roots in Vaastu Shastra. The details of the same can be easily found in one of the four Vedas- "Yajur Veda".

Scientific Explanation and Reasoning of Vaastu Shastra

The most prominent form of forces not only on our Earth but in entire Solar System are Gravitational Force and Magnetic Force which of course find their roots in each other. You can refer my article to read how a man can be affected by Gravitational Forces- Indian Astrology- Science Behind It, Validated by Newton's Law

Now,Vaastu says that every plot or house can be divided in eight directions and every direction has a  GOD     ( Scientifically, Form of Energy) associated with it which is as follows-
East (E)->Indra(Earth)
South-East(SE) ->Agni(Fire)
South(S) ->Yama
South West(SW) ->Niruthi
West(W) ->Varuna(Water)
North West(NW)  ->Vaayu(Air)
North(N) -> Kubera
North East(NE) -> Eswar(Sky)

                We know that magnetic field of our Earth is from South to North and Spinning of our earth is from West To East. If we assume for a momment that earth is spinning in a particular direction and thus the direction of air friction( though there is no air in universe) will be in opposite i.e from east to west. It is just like opposing friction force to running tyre on ground.
Same way vaastu says that energy(Energy of Sun and Air)comes from east direction and should be blocked appropriately in house to go out from west direction. Further magnetic field flows from South to North Direction, it will keep the flow of energy intact in our house forever and this will give us good health, peace of mind which in turns gives us prosperity. Indian Scripture says that we should sleep with our head in South direction and the same has been validated by western scientists too.(Our Bio-Magnetism In harmony with Earth's Magnetism)

I will not go into much details of Vaastu (briefly you can refer them in diagram at the start of article),my only point is scientific principles behind vaastu. Now let me tell you few principles of vaastu which have given birth to great principles of our Modern Civil Engineering.

Two Principles of Soil Tests according to Vaastu-
1-Dig a hole equal to the length of one hand deep in the ground. Exacavate the mud out of the hole completely and then refill it with this excavated mud. If quantity of mud excavated out is greater that the volume of the hole, then land is very good, If it is equal, then land is normal, If it is less, then not fit for construction. If any Civil or Geotechnical Engineer is reading this article then he can very well associate this principle with modern compaction soil test inference.
2-Dig a hole in the ground, excavate the soil and fill it with water. Then go walking for 100 yards. After walking 100 yards, return and notice the water level in the hole. If the water level is same as we have left, then land is very good, if it is little bit less, then land is normal and if it is very less, land is unfit for construction. Yeah,  Construction professionals can easily relate this test to fineness and seepage tests of soil along with nature of soil.

Though the vaastu is mentioned in "Yajur Veda", the established and validated source of its existence as per historians is Age of Raja Bhoja. Raja Bhoja was an Ancient Indian King of 11th Century who have written the most prominet scripture on VaastuShastra " SamranngSootraDhar". If we take this is as a reference, we can easily deduce that people who have given our Civil engineering its foundation principles must have found their source of inspiration from Ancient Indian Constuction Science- Vaastushastra only; in one way or other because there is no other ancient science in the world that can explain Science of Construction with such a depth along with its length and breadth.

Vaastu believes that five elements of nature should be harmony with each other because they represent not only natural forces but our five senses too-
Fire-Eyes(Vision)- SUN
Air-Touch(Skin)- WIND
Space- Sound(Ears)- SOUND Energy
Water-Taste(Tongue)- RAINS and RIVERS

We all are wise enough to admit the fact that nothing can give true happiness unless you have health and peace of mind, prerequsite to enjoy worldly pleasures. 

Vaastu thus is a science that compliments the art of construction.

Note- This artilce is written after detailed study from many books on Vaastu and Indepenent research on internet.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

HISTORY- Teacher of Management Principles

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History is like a sea where you can always discover things having mystical abilities that can quite amaze you.

The deeper you go, the more your luck of discovering some thing amazing sticks out!

I have also found just an amazing link of History with what we call buzz word  " Management" in today's Corporate World.

Yeah History is the Best Teacher of Management as Experience is the Best Definition of Management and History stores lot of accounts of such management tactics from world over.
In India, you will often hear corporate and management gurus quoting " Bhagwad Gita" as master peice of management book on earth. Future Group( Big Bazzar Fame) is using Management tactics based on mythological epic " Mahabharta" to tackle issues related to HR and its operations.

Similarly if you take any incident of history or any record of history you are bound to gain some great insights into management tips and tactics our ancestors have used.

Quoting an example of History- I am damn sure that all of you must have heard about famous movie        " 300". In this 300, warriors from Spartan are able to defeat enemies of 100,000 army through planned and carefully executed strategy with team work.It is one of the masterpiece incident that depicts how a Small and Novice Entreprise with limited resources and planning can wipe out Big organizations in competition. A real world example could be taken from Entertainment Industry in India where a newly launched channel "Imagine" in 2008 have carved out its own niche among reigning supremos like "Star TV", "Zee Tv" and "Sony" in a short span of time.

Taking example from Indian History- I don't think any body here can deny the fact that "Chanakya"was the first Management Guru. For those who don't know about him let me tell you that it is only under the guidance of this Wizard and Learned Personality of Strategic Planning and Politics that a mere humble, poor boy without any background became the First Emperor of whole Ancient India.

Well History is a great Teacher , The only thing we need in current times are its Preacher.