Monday, January 24, 2011

Walking on Water- Scientific Explanation of Art Lost in Sands of Time

Walking on Water
A new and rather much disputed topic, seems to be myth or another bluffing act.
In fact,an accomplishment and science of evolution lost in sands of time, together lets explore the active dimension of it.!

You might have heard of "Liquid Mountaineering-Walk on Water" OR "Mythbusters-Walking on Water".
Both of these are popular videos that are becoming talk of the town over internet and can be easily found on Youtube. It is also said that water in Dead Sea is so dense that no one can get drown in that.Alas, you can not find Dead Sea all over the world to gain first hand experience of walking on water.

People now a days are exploring new dimensions and techniques to gain ability of walking on water.  This was however a treasured art and science known by many sages and Godly messengers not only in Ancient India but all over the world. One can find numerous references not only in stories from epic but also in history of such exceptional personalities having that rare ability to walk on water.

There was a pure science however with different concepts than modern one; behind this technique of walking on water.
I will not enforce my ideology on you but make a note of this that our horizon of thinking will expand to new limits only if we will freely allow our mind to explore new dimensions without any doubts. Even modern science has also evolved using anonymous assumptions and theories. So try to understand the concepts of this ancient science too.
All of you might be aware of "Yoga", a term that have swept the world as a refreshing and rejuvenating source of energy and health. Yoga is Ancient Indian Technique developed and refined by our sages over the centuries of research. It declares that God has given man an infinite source of energy. However, God knows that since it is in the nature of man to contains both demonic and good  virtues, so he has locked that infinite source of energy within a system that is called as "CHAKRAS". Only those who can raise themselves over and above a particular level by doing virtuous rituals and practicing can gain access to open that divine lock inside our body. Different religions all over the world have different concepts and theories about this Lock System.According to Indian philosophy there are in all seven Chakras and they are located along the spine of human body at peculiar positions.
Here is a picture of the same from mantraonline for your ready reference-
Yoga is embedded with the techniques to open these Chakras. There are many other practices too through which these Chakras can be open. Once they are active they give us infinite source of energy and a totally new experience out of this world never ever happened before. Many people in ancient times posses this ability to open their Chakras and use the energy from them to walk over water. They used to derived a significant amount of energyv from their Chakras and concentrate it at their feet so that their reaches a balance between the action and reaction forces of feet and water.
Logically we could not walk on water because the force exert by our feet on water is greater than force that is exert by water on our feet, so we tend to displace water and consequently get drowned. But this Chakra Energy when concentrated at feet helps to reach a state of equilibrium where either both forces become stable or force exert by our feet become smaller in magnitude than force exerted by water on our feet. As a result one gains instant ability to walk on water.
Here is a diagram for your easy understanding-
Friends, our History has many more secrets and valuable jewels of information enfolded in sands of time waiting to be discovered. So now onwards, never consider History as just another boring part, change your vision and explore its creative and interesting past.

Monday, January 17, 2011

History and Science in Crops- Inspired By CityVille

Seeds grown into Crops within hours or 3-4 days.

Yeah, Correct Guess-I am talking about FarmVille or CityVille.

Both of them are massive popular-FaceBook application games. Here is a list of time which is taken by the crops to grow in CityVille-
  • Strawberries- 5mins
  • Carrots- 8 hours
  • Corns- 1 day
  • Egg-Plant- 1 hour
  • Watermelons- 4 hours
  • Craneberries- 12 hours
  • Wheat- 2.1 days
Now, one might think what these have to do with a post in this blog which deals with History and Science.

Well it has lot do with science as it is deeply concerned about us and our history.The rate at which genetic modification is going on in crops and with their seeds, the day is not far when we might witness instant or high decrement in crop's growth in reality than current natural cycle.

But is that means- we have grown advanced? OR we have control the Nature's cycle of growth? OR we have taken a next step towards evolution?
To many of you, this might seems to be dreamy picture of the future. Behold here!
Lets Explore at the other side of the fence.
 Crops in ancient times tends to be more nutritive, seeds were said to be more bigger in size than that of present generation. This is a well established fact as validated by different discoveries of seeds through out the world in tombs and graves; of centuries old origin.Archaeologists found the size of seeds much bigger than present generation seeds.
 This is Obvious !
Climate and soil was different in those times. There was no or very little trace of pollution relative to recent times, no manual disturbance in climate cycles( e.g- by blasting off mountains, changing course of rivers etc.) etc. Crops used to be more healthy for human consumption as they grow in the nature's lap without much interference from human's side. They were following Nature's Principles of Science. Today man has changed the very chemistry of soil by addition of chemical fertilizers.
Our ancestors used to fall less ill during those times when compared to our proneness of falling sick due to different diseases at present times. It was mainly because of type of nutrition they had apart from environment they lived in.Moreover, there is a great difference in the taste of natural one and modified one too, for instance take Mango.( Natural Mango is more tasty than genetically modified mango)
These modified seeds and crops are always crept with some side effects which we can not locate through unless until it appears on the surface.Nature's creation is flawless but a man's creation can not be flawless every time because Nature knows 'how to and when to keep everything in balance" which is often ignored by man.
There are many stories from validated Indian History wherein young man and lads have shown great act of courage which can not be expected in today times for e.g-Prithviraj Chauhan , a famous prince of Ajmer in 11th Century said  to have killed a Tiger in a single Hand Combat. Many such stories of our brave men of ancient times are sprung across different cultures all over the world. This is a sufficient proof of strength that they posses which was only gained through a healthy and nutritive diet of Natural Crops, not the one genetically modified.
This is also reflected in the construction of man-made ancient structures such as Great Pyramids of Egypt, Caves at Mahabalipuram carved out of single piece of rocks, Great Wall of China etc. that are simply thought impossible in today's times without the aid of technology.

So, next time you give preference (because they can not be completely avoided) to a genetically modified crop or fruit over natural one, just remember our ancestors and their glorious history.

!!Wish you a Healthy Living!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Taj Mahal & Its Wood Foundation

Taj Mahal!
Name Strikes &
First thing that occurs in mind of people could be as simple as from being Symbol of love, A mausoleum of Shah Jahan's Beloved Wife, One among Seven Wonders of World, White Marble Structure with rare glare and beauty to as complex as being a Tej-O-Mahalaya- a Shiva Temple Seized and Converted By Shah Jahan according to a theory given by Shri P.N.Oak.

Well I am here nor to discuss anything from above neither wants to dig out the stories of magnificent treasure that it was said to be embedded by this great Structure once upon a time.

This post is to make you aware that one of the Seven Wonders of World- 'Taj Mahal' is built on a foundation which is supported by gigantic wooden slabs built over deep wells.

Now a curious and sensible mind will quickly raise a question that how is it possible when it is in very basic nature of wood to 'swell' under excessive moisture content?

Yeah, that is quite true but not the complete fact!

Some Observations and Key Points that have been noticed by me with respect to Taj Mahal and its Wood Foundation are listed below-
Technical Points
  • Different woods exhibit different moisture stability.
  • According to experts wood fibres are dimensionally stable when the moisture content is above fibre saturation points i.e. above 30%. But it experiences a disrupts in dimensions or swells if moisture content tends to show an increase or decrease phenomenon.
General Points
  • According to Surveys and Studies carried out by ASI- Archaeological Survey of India, it is believed that 'ebony's wood' was used in the construction of foundation and the reference to the same can be found in many books on historical monument.
  • One more precise but extremely technical detail that was put to use in wooden foundation is that -"it is only the combined action of water and air present in environment that's deteriorate the wood. Neither of them alone have the capacity enough to deteriorate wood by virtue of their action. 
  • Wooden part of foundation lies well below the river Yamuna and it is the secret that wood used therein is still have the necessary strength or bearing capacity to carry on the weight of Superstructure-Taj Mahal.
  • If we talk w.r.t Hindu Science of Elements- Ebony is the only wood known to have Elemental Association with all the five elements-air, water,earth,fire and sky. 
  • Also, since Ebony has a very high density its easily sink in water.
One can easily notice how ancient people have used general properties of a building material to their advantage and gave the world a structure of immense beauty, Taj Mahal.The motive behind this post is to make you realize that our ancestors were far more scientifically knowledgeable than we are today and if we combine this knowledge with our today's technological capability ... I can only say that it will be a step to next phase of evolution and growth.

For all those of you who wants to know in depth about Taj Mahal theory given by Shri P.N.Oak along with photographs. Here is the link to the same.

Explore and Enjoy.

Friday, January 7, 2011

RAMASETU- A Mythological Reality

 Have you ever heard of valor of RAMA, Hero of Ramayana- one of the greatest ancient Sanskrit epics composed by a sage 'Valmiki'?
Do you know that Ramayana contain the ideals that all human relations must have embedded in them as jewel?
Not only so but it also contains many of those wonderful virtues of human relationships & behavior that we have lost somewhere in this age of technology or in as we call it "Advancement- Modernity". Ramayana describes an incident where hero of the epic Sri RAMA builds a bridge called ‘RamaSetu’ over the sea to reach a distant land called as Lanka. ‘Setu’ is a Sanskrit word which literally means ‘bridge’ in English language.

People around the world consider this epic as merely a Mythological Story compiled by so called "Valmiki"; an ancient Indian sage. But when this bridge was constructed, it is said that Rama has performed a ritual by the virtue of which sea has stopped experiencing the motion of waves there. This was extremely necessary from the point of stability of a bridge if we consider it in present context of construction. This place still exists today where sea does not experience any wave’s motion & the place is near Rameshwaram in Tamil Nadu, India. Lanka is today’s 'Sri Lanka' & RamaSetu is The Bridge, mentioned in the Ramayana, linking India and Lanka (Sri Lanka or Ceylon). It is rediscovered once again and that too through images shot by none other than ‘NASA’.
 Now still do you considered it as some historical aspect without evidence????

If so, then here are some scientific aspects of the bridge as described in Ramayana. An English illustrated version of the same is depicted here for your reference.

Valmiki describes the work (construction of the bridge) at length. He sings with gusto of the noise and confusion of the gigantic project. The Vaanaras (special tribes in the southern regions having features such as prominent and strong jaws) went to the mountains and forests and, plucking rocks and trees, dragged them to the shore. The bigger Vaanaras brought big boulders and threw them into the sea. As they fell down, the water splashed sky-high. Nala -- Vishwakarma’s son and the project leader -- stood and supervised their labours. The leaders in charge of companies kept them active. On the top of the rocks and trees, when the base was firm, a dressing of grass and little pieces of wood was given to produce a level surface. The noise raised by the dam-builders drowned the roar of the ocean. "
This precise and beautiful description by ‘Sage Valmiki’ itself gives a lot of overview about project Ramasetu.
If we take in present context, they have full team working there with Project-In- charge as ‘NALA’, supervisors, labors and all sort of material with peculiar properties locally available to work on one of the most advanced projects of that time called as ‘RamaSetu’.
 Also Friends if you take any book on ‘Construction of Highways---a civil engineering book, You can too, easily notice the fact that the procedure given there for construction of highways these days bear a great resemblance with construction of Ramasetu. I am mentioning highway here specifically because bridges build today take into account various dynamic forces of ‘Nature’ into account during their design  phase itself. In this regard most of the dynamic forces of nature are absent in the region where Ramasetu is rediscovered. It thus enables us to consider sea water as a base because action of waves & ripples in that region is negligible even if you consider it both from geographical point and topographical point of view.
 Carbon dating of the rediscovered Ramasetu confirms the age of the bridge to around 1,700,000 years which is same as the one depicted in our epic RAMAYANA. The age of the bridge is confirmed by NASA too. People call Ramayana-a mythological epic. But this discovery shows that our ancestors of that time were much more advanced than we are today & uses technology that is thought impossible now a days by our so called ‘Western Modern Science’.

Some key facts as noticed and observed by different independent as well as government organizations-
    * According to the computer simulation Ramasetu saved coastline from tsunami to much extent on Dec. 26 2004 .Take a study of the map of Ramsetu & areas affected by the Tsunami; you also will notice this fact.
    * The currents generated due to the structure helps in thorium deposits. It permits design & operation of U-233 fuelled breeder reactors.
    * It is also the place which provides support for the breeding of coral reefs & marine life.
    * We also trade in shankas (shells) that has a turnover in excess of Rs 150 crore (Rs 1.5 billion) per annum obtained from here.

Reconsider your thoughts, ideas, information, give new dimension to your imagination, a great event took place in India centuries & ages ago…… which has once again come in limelight to make you aware of the capabilities of those ancient people & their knowledge, that we in due course of pass through from one generation to generation have lost somewhere in midst of time.
Rediscover you lost heritage because it is the call of Humanity to not only pass on those valuable ancient resources to next generation but also to attain next higher self........

Friends today Ramasetu is in danger, as the project commenced by the Government of India; Setu Samudram [shipping canal project] is posing a grave danger to the existence of our great heritage. Setu samudran is based on the notion that it is inevitable to break Shri RamSetu for easy navigation. According to some specialists, a sea route still can be prepared for navigation without damaging Sri Ramsetu. This can be done by removing the barren sand heaps near village Mandapam which lies between Rameshwaram and Dhanushkoti railway. This will not only give a shorter route for navigation but can also protect the oldest man-made heritage.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

History Weds Science

Ah..! A wedding, that too between History and Science, Shocked! Isn't it???
Well there is no need to!
Science and History are synonymous to each other in a way only few people can realize!
Here I am making an attempt to help you understand this great bonding between History and Science.
The course of History has always been affected by powerful civilizations, their culture, and the way they have evolved themselves to achieve that power. This power was no ordinary power and was very much the result of Science only. The science which was much different, more unusual beyond our understanding and totally weird( as appear to present generation) than this 21st Century. But still, the truth is only that weird ancient science have helped people of those times to evolve out of their nutshell. That science was incredible powerful and useful. Alas! no one took notice of it and that divine knowledge could not be transferred on to forth coming generations. As a result, it became extinct.
This is a fact that in a way we are more developed than our ancestors. We have best modes of entertainment, technology, traveling etc. Still we are not as healthy as our ancestors, still not as happy as our forefathers and still not as safe as our father. However, these things are inseparable ingredients of a quality life and only way to have them again is to revive them. They can only be revived if we make an honest effort to discover those ancient principals, values and science that lost somewhere in midst of time among generations. Ancient Science refers to incidents wherein Lord Rama have used the flying machine "Pushpak Vimaan" driven without any fuel and through energy of sound, power of Vedantic texts in healing human wounds, magnificent structures built without any cementing material, architecture of great pyramids etc. If we find those ancient gems and embed them in the technology we have today, we can take a giant leap in the course of our own EVOLUTION.  This is a point of Science from Historical View.
Now the million dollar question is that how can we revive that ancient science, values and principles that themselves have become a part of history. Technology in present time is still at its infancy where it cannot give us a "Time Machine" which can help us forming case studies by having an easy glance at history. So what should we do? Here the roles of science and technology comes in! Although we don't have a "Time Machine, but that doesn't means we don't have sufficient technological capability to accomplish our objective. Archaeologist and Historians are these days using technology better than ever as an aid to dig all that lost information  from historical remains of ancient civilizations. They have sophisticated robots, best chemicals, carbon dating methods, bio-technology etc at their disposal. It can be well said that today science is outlining the course of history and that is a point of History from Scientific View.

This was my first post and in due course of our voyage I will present many such unique examples of ancient Indian science and some from around the world that are gems of our past and treasure for our future.