Monday, January 17, 2011

History and Science in Crops- Inspired By CityVille

Seeds grown into Crops within hours or 3-4 days.

Yeah, Correct Guess-I am talking about FarmVille or CityVille.

Both of them are massive popular-FaceBook application games. Here is a list of time which is taken by the crops to grow in CityVille-
  • Strawberries- 5mins
  • Carrots- 8 hours
  • Corns- 1 day
  • Egg-Plant- 1 hour
  • Watermelons- 4 hours
  • Craneberries- 12 hours
  • Wheat- 2.1 days
Now, one might think what these have to do with a post in this blog which deals with History and Science.

Well it has lot do with science as it is deeply concerned about us and our history.The rate at which genetic modification is going on in crops and with their seeds, the day is not far when we might witness instant or high decrement in crop's growth in reality than current natural cycle.

But is that means- we have grown advanced? OR we have control the Nature's cycle of growth? OR we have taken a next step towards evolution?
To many of you, this might seems to be dreamy picture of the future. Behold here!
Lets Explore at the other side of the fence.
 Crops in ancient times tends to be more nutritive, seeds were said to be more bigger in size than that of present generation. This is a well established fact as validated by different discoveries of seeds through out the world in tombs and graves; of centuries old origin.Archaeologists found the size of seeds much bigger than present generation seeds.
 This is Obvious !
Climate and soil was different in those times. There was no or very little trace of pollution relative to recent times, no manual disturbance in climate cycles( e.g- by blasting off mountains, changing course of rivers etc.) etc. Crops used to be more healthy for human consumption as they grow in the nature's lap without much interference from human's side. They were following Nature's Principles of Science. Today man has changed the very chemistry of soil by addition of chemical fertilizers.
Our ancestors used to fall less ill during those times when compared to our proneness of falling sick due to different diseases at present times. It was mainly because of type of nutrition they had apart from environment they lived in.Moreover, there is a great difference in the taste of natural one and modified one too, for instance take Mango.( Natural Mango is more tasty than genetically modified mango)
These modified seeds and crops are always crept with some side effects which we can not locate through unless until it appears on the surface.Nature's creation is flawless but a man's creation can not be flawless every time because Nature knows 'how to and when to keep everything in balance" which is often ignored by man.
There are many stories from validated Indian History wherein young man and lads have shown great act of courage which can not be expected in today times for e.g-Prithviraj Chauhan , a famous prince of Ajmer in 11th Century said  to have killed a Tiger in a single Hand Combat. Many such stories of our brave men of ancient times are sprung across different cultures all over the world. This is a sufficient proof of strength that they posses which was only gained through a healthy and nutritive diet of Natural Crops, not the one genetically modified.
This is also reflected in the construction of man-made ancient structures such as Great Pyramids of Egypt, Caves at Mahabalipuram carved out of single piece of rocks, Great Wall of China etc. that are simply thought impossible in today's times without the aid of technology.

So, next time you give preference (because they can not be completely avoided) to a genetically modified crop or fruit over natural one, just remember our ancestors and their glorious history.

!!Wish you a Healthy Living!!

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