Monday, January 24, 2011

Walking on Water- Scientific Explanation of Art Lost in Sands of Time

Walking on Water
A new and rather much disputed topic, seems to be myth or another bluffing act.
In fact,an accomplishment and science of evolution lost in sands of time, together lets explore the active dimension of it.!

You might have heard of "Liquid Mountaineering-Walk on Water" OR "Mythbusters-Walking on Water".
Both of these are popular videos that are becoming talk of the town over internet and can be easily found on Youtube. It is also said that water in Dead Sea is so dense that no one can get drown in that.Alas, you can not find Dead Sea all over the world to gain first hand experience of walking on water.

People now a days are exploring new dimensions and techniques to gain ability of walking on water.  This was however a treasured art and science known by many sages and Godly messengers not only in Ancient India but all over the world. One can find numerous references not only in stories from epic but also in history of such exceptional personalities having that rare ability to walk on water.

There was a pure science however with different concepts than modern one; behind this technique of walking on water.
I will not enforce my ideology on you but make a note of this that our horizon of thinking will expand to new limits only if we will freely allow our mind to explore new dimensions without any doubts. Even modern science has also evolved using anonymous assumptions and theories. So try to understand the concepts of this ancient science too.
All of you might be aware of "Yoga", a term that have swept the world as a refreshing and rejuvenating source of energy and health. Yoga is Ancient Indian Technique developed and refined by our sages over the centuries of research. It declares that God has given man an infinite source of energy. However, God knows that since it is in the nature of man to contains both demonic and good  virtues, so he has locked that infinite source of energy within a system that is called as "CHAKRAS". Only those who can raise themselves over and above a particular level by doing virtuous rituals and practicing can gain access to open that divine lock inside our body. Different religions all over the world have different concepts and theories about this Lock System.According to Indian philosophy there are in all seven Chakras and they are located along the spine of human body at peculiar positions.
Here is a picture of the same from mantraonline for your ready reference-
Yoga is embedded with the techniques to open these Chakras. There are many other practices too through which these Chakras can be open. Once they are active they give us infinite source of energy and a totally new experience out of this world never ever happened before. Many people in ancient times posses this ability to open their Chakras and use the energy from them to walk over water. They used to derived a significant amount of energyv from their Chakras and concentrate it at their feet so that their reaches a balance between the action and reaction forces of feet and water.
Logically we could not walk on water because the force exert by our feet on water is greater than force that is exert by water on our feet, so we tend to displace water and consequently get drowned. But this Chakra Energy when concentrated at feet helps to reach a state of equilibrium where either both forces become stable or force exert by our feet become smaller in magnitude than force exerted by water on our feet. As a result one gains instant ability to walk on water.
Here is a diagram for your easy understanding-
Friends, our History has many more secrets and valuable jewels of information enfolded in sands of time waiting to be discovered. So now onwards, never consider History as just another boring part, change your vision and explore its creative and interesting past.


  1. Very interesting post on a fascinating subject. I've never heard of an Indian Sadhu who could walk on water, have there been reports of any?

    1. there is a british journalist reporting of a sadhu walking in the ganges in the british raj -

    2. there is a british journalist reporting of a sadhu walking in the ganges in the british raj -

  2. Yeah, there are many incidents where Sadhus had displayed such ability but since it is a virtuous art gained through God blessings, these people do not give public show of it and keep it confined to themselves.Use it when they need it.

  3. Thanks for the reply Ashish. I've seen Sadhus give displays of other amazing skills. Why would they not be prepared to display this skill?

  4. It is because they considered it God Grace and consider it as Sin to show Publicly that they are superior...They are Ego-less beings..

    In a way u can say that they consider it "Circus TYpe" Act....

  5. Hey Ashish. Whole set of infromation was really interseting.It is a science of body enegy(aura) which can be gained only by ancient techniques like yoga,Dhyan,Raki,and many more. After gaining these enrgy one can transfrom energy in any of required form.Good work

  6. utter crap and bullshit. not one person was found able to do this. what good is theory as long as a practical application is not possible? show me one person who can do this and i will totally change my belief. and i want a living example not some documented historical happening

    1. Everything starts with a beleif..even doctor can not treat a person how good he is at his profession, if person refuses to believe him...

      So to see such great Persons(Yogis), one have to start believing in them first..

      Last not the least, this post is not for changing the beliefs of people but make them believe an additional possibility in this world of immense possibilities...

    2. Mr. Srinivas. TRy to open Chakras you can do. Now you can see Ganpathi Sachidanada swamy sits on fire.