Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wisdom of New Age Technologies Hidden in Ancient Scriptures

Space Technology, Ammunition Technology, Bio Technology, Construction Technology, Nuclear Technology, Textile Technology, Information Technology and many other modern technologies have come in recent times to aid human beings in several ways.

A modern man or woman of today times keep updated knowledge about each and many such technologies that are coming in market every day. It is the symbol of modernity or in simpler terms keeping pace with the rest of world.

Great things..Great Act..Great Technologies..Isn't it...?????
Like this we will keep on witnessing evolution of many more technologies in the coming era too.

Friends, this is certainly true..Technologies need research and clinical trials and immense testing before they can be launched in the market. But let me tell you that we can develop and evolve at a much faster pace than which we are moving ahead now.We can save lot of our time in research and testing....

"How?" is the question of the hour...

Well answer lies in our Ancient Scriptures and Ancient Scripts that are preserved since generations and also discovered from many excavations and unearthed sites all over the country. We can take load of inspirations from our scriptures, religious books, epics and other well written ancient documents preserved in Libraries and Museums worldwide. Yes, they are truly inspirational.  They are treasures of knowledge and technologies that is much ahead of our time. Only they need to studied and understand with the intent they were written. This will help us develop new technologies and new techniques that can not only bring more peace in our world but also harmony with nature.

For Eg- We talk of atom bombs in this era and first time world has hear this name when the BANG happened over Japan in Second World War. But Indians Scriptures have a book called "Aanu Shastra (अणु शास्त्र)"  which very well documents the atom bomb description. AANU is a Sanskrit word which itself means smallest particle and the same is referred to as ATOM in English. Also, there is also a Book called "Vaimanika Shastra (वैमानिका शास्त्र )" which again gives a very detailed information about science of aeronautics. To mention a few more in the same line are Vimaana Chandrika of Maharshi Narayan, The Yantra Sarvaswa of Maharshi Bharadwaja, Vyoma Yaana Tantra of Sounaka etc.  Civil Engineering is something that have evolved in much later part of 20th century. But you can refer to "Vaastu Shastra (वास्तु शास्त्र)" and you will be amazed to find remarkable similarity between principles of Geotechnical Engineering and Vaastu Shastra as personally observed by me too.

By now you must have also realized too that our ancestors were far more ahead in knowledge of science and technology in comparison to ours that we still proudly boast off today.

There are several such examples of gems of information and wisdom kept locked in the scriptures not only in India but whole over the world. Now it truly depends on the so called "Wise" genre of Human Race to see, analyze and discover the secrets of Wisdom of New Age Technologies Hidden in our ancient roots!!!!!!!!!


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