Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Poem- History Lovers also have Heart that Beats for SOMEONE

I just want you to shine
These are the only intentions of mine..

I just want you to glow like a Sun
And flash off your radiant smile..

Don't give me your light
But also don't ripped me off your sight...


Sometimes somethings can not be helped
No matter how much you resist it to whelp..

Those feelings come from heart purely refined
It happened as it were to be destined..

Mind loses control and Heart becomes your only goal
In this terrific whole; feelings burn like a charcoal..


Days and Nights went silent gazing by moon
Mornings becomes noon.

I want to close my eyes
For you come in my dreams.

When I open my eyes
Your memories make my feelings gleam...


Come by the sea shore
Hear the waves galore..

You will find tides
For its always full moon night..

Sea is my Heart
And Waves are your ignoring darts..

Rising out to swallow those hearty chimes
But all I want is your just little time..  


Hear the sound; that surrounds
It is whispering something that is never going to rebounds..

If you miss it now
Love is that then
you forever sow..

It is though as common as selenium
But still something that happens only
"  Once in a Millennium".  

Wondering what this poem is doing in a blog on such serious footnotes as Science, Technology and History... Well this is here only to declare that History Lovers are also Human Beings With Heart and their Heart can also beat for someone!!!!! I have written this poem from heart for a heart!! :)

NOTE- Pictures used in this Poem is for depiction purpose only. Author is grateful to all those sites and persons from where pics are sourced out. However, if any owner of pics has objection with using them here on the blog, I will remove it immediately upon receiving an email of same consent.

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