Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Need New Energy Sources-Look Old Scriptures and History

A universal Truth other than Death is "Energy is required to perform all the tasks."

Whether we have to eat, we have to dance, we have to run vehicles, we have to live, we have to speak, even famous Zynga Games like CityVille and FarmVille also needs you to have energy to perform tasks. In these all states though the primary requirement is that of Energy but energy does not exist in the same form to perform the peculiar subsequent tasks. This can be heat energy in one case to physical energy or mental energy in other cases. Also the source of Energy in each and every tasks varies from being Gasoline, Petrol, Diesel, Food, Body, Sun etc.

There is no denial to this evident truth that we need energy and that too in a state in which it can be utilized.
The whole World is Dependent on energy. The nations who are more powerful today than other are the ones having more energy whether it is in the form of electricity, petroleum products or nuclear derivatives etc. Numerous researches are being conducted to find new sources of energy, gigantic amount of resources are being deployed to find alternative sources of energy or renewable sources of energy because now non- renewable sources of energy have come on the verge of depletion.

Can we imagine our future without energy? Or we intends to live again in the same way our ancestors have lived once when they have started their journey of evolution (Early Man Time's according to modern history)

Well, I will say no because we have solution , then why to invite problem!

Our ancestors have foreseen these types of problems much before we have started experiencing it. Yeah, for instant take incidents mentioned in our epics whether it is compact "Parmanu Astras" (Nuclear Bombs), or aircrafts (Wisdom of new Age technologies hidden in Ancient Scriptures) driven by sound energy or that mystic fuel called as 'Rasa'( Amaranganasutradhara)or 'Para'-> (Reference by Samarangana-Sutradhara by Raja Bhoj 1050AD). Apart from this there are also several other instances in our sacred texts written by our sages which describes about various other forms of energy, one such being 'Laghima' or "Anti-Gravitational ' energy. 'Anti-Gravitational' Energy resembles to Zero Point Energy as depicted by modern day scientists from vacuum sources. They(Ancestors) have numerous sources of energy and that too in a form which can be easily utilized. By now you too can clearly decipher that our ancestors must have foreseen today's circumstances and Perhaps also understood the very essence of most quoted following law of our modern science-

According to the First Law of Thermodynamics and also Law of Conservation of Energy- 
In an isolated system the total amount of energy remains constant over time. The consequence can be derived as follows that "Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed, it can be transformed from one one state to another"

Thus the need of the hour is to look upon these scriptures written by our own sages or ancient scientists and to divert considerable resources in the research so that sufficient light can be thrown on the application and utilization of such ancient technologies.
This I believe will surely help us in one way or other to get out of this so called 'Energy Crisis' of today's Era.
So Harness a Voyage of Energy by Exploring History!

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