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VAASTUSHASTRA- Ancient Science Equivalent to Modern Civil Engineering

"Vaastu Shastra" is an ancient Indian Science literally means "Science of Construction" or "Science of Architecture". This science is based on the concept of laws of nature and notion that house or construction should be built in harmony with nature. It further mentions that five basic elements of nature, water, fire, air and sky should be balanced while the construction is carried out.
Science of Vaastu is as old as our Indian Civilization and whole world knows how old is Indian Civilization! In fact many principles of our modern civil engineering can find its roots in Vaastu Shastra. The details of the same can be easily found in one of the four Vedas- "Yajur Veda".

Scientific Explanation and Reasoning of Vaastu Shastra

The most prominent form of forces not only on our Earth but in entire Solar System are Gravitational Force and Magnetic Force which of course find their roots in each other. You can refer my article to read how a man can be affected by Gravitational Forces- Indian Astrology- Science Behind It, Validated by Newton's Law

Now,Vaastu says that every plot or house can be divided in eight directions and every direction has a  GOD     ( Scientifically, Form of Energy) associated with it which is as follows-
East (E)->Indra(Earth)
South-East(SE) ->Agni(Fire)
South(S) ->Yama
South West(SW) ->Niruthi
West(W) ->Varuna(Water)
North West(NW)  ->Vaayu(Air)
North(N) -> Kubera
North East(NE) -> Eswar(Sky)

                We know that magnetic field of our Earth is from South to North and Spinning of our earth is from West To East. If we assume for a momment that earth is spinning in a particular direction and thus the direction of air friction( though there is no air in universe) will be in opposite i.e from east to west. It is just like opposing friction force to running tyre on ground.
Same way vaastu says that energy(Energy of Sun and Air)comes from east direction and should be blocked appropriately in house to go out from west direction. Further magnetic field flows from South to North Direction, it will keep the flow of energy intact in our house forever and this will give us good health, peace of mind which in turns gives us prosperity. Indian Scripture says that we should sleep with our head in South direction and the same has been validated by western scientists too.(Our Bio-Magnetism In harmony with Earth's Magnetism)

I will not go into much details of Vaastu (briefly you can refer them in diagram at the start of article),my only point is scientific principles behind vaastu. Now let me tell you few principles of vaastu which have given birth to great principles of our Modern Civil Engineering.

Two Principles of Soil Tests according to Vaastu-
1-Dig a hole equal to the length of one hand deep in the ground. Exacavate the mud out of the hole completely and then refill it with this excavated mud. If quantity of mud excavated out is greater that the volume of the hole, then land is very good, If it is equal, then land is normal, If it is less, then not fit for construction. If any Civil or Geotechnical Engineer is reading this article then he can very well associate this principle with modern compaction soil test inference.
2-Dig a hole in the ground, excavate the soil and fill it with water. Then go walking for 100 yards. After walking 100 yards, return and notice the water level in the hole. If the water level is same as we have left, then land is very good, if it is little bit less, then land is normal and if it is very less, land is unfit for construction. Yeah,  Construction professionals can easily relate this test to fineness and seepage tests of soil along with nature of soil.

Though the vaastu is mentioned in "Yajur Veda", the established and validated source of its existence as per historians is Age of Raja Bhoja. Raja Bhoja was an Ancient Indian King of 11th Century who have written the most prominet scripture on VaastuShastra " SamranngSootraDhar". If we take this is as a reference, we can easily deduce that people who have given our Civil engineering its foundation principles must have found their source of inspiration from Ancient Indian Constuction Science- Vaastushastra only; in one way or other because there is no other ancient science in the world that can explain Science of Construction with such a depth along with its length and breadth.

Vaastu believes that five elements of nature should be harmony with each other because they represent not only natural forces but our five senses too-
Fire-Eyes(Vision)- SUN
Air-Touch(Skin)- WIND
Space- Sound(Ears)- SOUND Energy
Water-Taste(Tongue)- RAINS and RIVERS

We all are wise enough to admit the fact that nothing can give true happiness unless you have health and peace of mind, prerequsite to enjoy worldly pleasures. 

Vaastu thus is a science that compliments the art of construction.

Note- This artilce is written after detailed study from many books on Vaastu and Indepenent research on internet.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

HISTORY- Teacher of Management Principles

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History is like a sea where you can always discover things having mystical abilities that can quite amaze you.

The deeper you go, the more your luck of discovering some thing amazing sticks out!

I have also found just an amazing link of History with what we call buzz word  " Management" in today's Corporate World.

Yeah History is the Best Teacher of Management as Experience is the Best Definition of Management and History stores lot of accounts of such management tactics from world over.
In India, you will often hear corporate and management gurus quoting " Bhagwad Gita" as master peice of management book on earth. Future Group( Big Bazzar Fame) is using Management tactics based on mythological epic " Mahabharta" to tackle issues related to HR and its operations.

Similarly if you take any incident of history or any record of history you are bound to gain some great insights into management tips and tactics our ancestors have used.

Quoting an example of History- I am damn sure that all of you must have heard about famous movie        " 300". In this 300, warriors from Spartan are able to defeat enemies of 100,000 army through planned and carefully executed strategy with team work.It is one of the masterpiece incident that depicts how a Small and Novice Entreprise with limited resources and planning can wipe out Big organizations in competition. A real world example could be taken from Entertainment Industry in India where a newly launched channel "Imagine" in 2008 have carved out its own niche among reigning supremos like "Star TV", "Zee Tv" and "Sony" in a short span of time.

Taking example from Indian History- I don't think any body here can deny the fact that "Chanakya"was the first Management Guru. For those who don't know about him let me tell you that it is only under the guidance of this Wizard and Learned Personality of Strategic Planning and Politics that a mere humble, poor boy without any background became the First Emperor of whole Ancient India.

Well History is a great Teacher , The only thing we need in current times are its Preacher.

Friday, September 30, 2011

HEN THEORY- Philosophical Science, Age Old Thoery,New Generation

HEN THOERY-Well a very odd name likely for this blog on history and science.

You must be guessing how "Hen" has a relation with history and science. Clearing off the mystery from the air I will explain how a rather simple phenomenon of philosophical science observed from our history can be explained with a much rather common behaviour of "Hen".

Lets discuss Catching a Hen-
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One of the studious task is to catch a hen even if it is in your domestic pen. Chase the hen as much as you can and then after much efforts you will definitely catch a hen, thanks to your constant effort without giving up and tiresome hardwork. But is this catch can be considered as a worthy prize analyzing the input of hardwork that goes into it?

Definitely "yes" for some people and for others "not"! For this others "not" category my reason and arguement is that this work could be done much easily, then why to waste uneccessary energy and time.
Most of you will agree that if we do not chase hen, hen will not run away from us. Now slowly and carefully we can move ahead towards hen and then at a flash of time we can catch the hen without much effort.
This is called making your move at the right time and with right tools which you would have never achieved if you had diverted your focus only in running over the hen all over the pen.

Life also goes like that-
If you will keep chasing life, life will run away from you.You will not able to cherish the moments that it will give you, will not able to cash in the opportunities its present you and lastly will never be able to cultivate memories that will give you strength to enjoy life at its fullest.
Understand life like a hen, stop chasing it, instead move ahead by doing what you can do best looking for suitable moments and when life presents you with an opportunity, grab it at an instant of time with adrenaline rush of all your focussed energy. You can easily do this since you will not be tired chasing over the life and opportunities but rather will be fresh and healthy to achieve almost any thing achievable.

There are numerous examples lying all over history wherein great men and personalities have achieved their respective destiny by understanding only this basic principle of life.Take for example life of Mahatma Gandhi who was in Africa chasing his life of a barrister. Until then he was Mohanchand Gandhi but when he slowed down and reflected over his life due to that "Train Incident" he became Mahatma Gandhi.
Most of us are chasing life, we are not living life. In the morning we have to do something, in the afternoon other thing and in the night sleeping. Why we are doing this ? Life is not a race to be win neither a chase to be accomplished! Rather, It is a wonderful gift of God to achieve our destiny on earth and be merry.

Don't chase life, Life is not a race, Live Life as if catching a hen in the pen.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Power of Rudraksha- Ancient India :Ancient Science, Relevant Till Times

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RUDRAKSHA- A word so powerful that a mere understanding of thy is enough to fill our mind with holiness and spirituality.
To unknowns, talking on the pure scientific terminology it can be introduced as a fruit borne by the tree belonging to Elaeocarpus family with E.Ganitrus being the principal species. But it is more than a tree fruit simply.

Rudraksha is a holy bead that gives both spiritual and physical benefits.

 Let us explore the Spiritual Side-
  • It is respected by allmost all religions and people of different cultures (who are aware about its presence)
  • It is considered as a holy bead which can be used to connect oneself with Divinity.
  • They are also knwon as Prayer Beads.
  • Rudraksha is found in nature in different colours and faces ranging from 1 to 108, which symbolises different spiritual and materialistic benefits accordingly.
  • Person who wears rudraksha and follows righteous path gets his all sins washed.
Exploring the scientific side-
  • An electromagnetic field surrounds the rudraksha and the same has been verified in the labs.
  • Thus it helps in acheiving the trinity of healthy mind and body with pure soul to its wearer.
  • It also helps in controlling the stress levels and enhances the inner power.
  • It helps in maintaining the blood pressure.
History depicts a legend behind this Holy Tree- Once Lord Shiva ( One of  the three Supreme Powers Of Universe according to Hindu Mythology) was in penance state since long time and suddenly one day he opened his eyes.Out of the sheer joy and fulfillment of the element of divinity he had experience while doing penance, few drops of tears fall from his eyes and fell on earth. Those tears are said to be converted in Rudraksha Tree.
That is why the tree is called Rudraksha, Rudra means" Lord Shiva" and aksha means " Eyes".

Logical Links between the Legend and Habitat of Rudraksha
Rudraksha Tree is found mainly in the Foothills of Himalaya and Mansrovar Region. According to ancient scripts and puranas it is said that Lord Shiva resides on Himalaya top. Thus it is natural that rudraksha is also found in foothills of Himalaya showing that the legend bears some connection with the habitat of this tree; unknown to us.

 Friends, the knowledge which our forefathers knows centuries ago is validated now by modern scientist and labs of current era. Why it took us so much time to believe in the advanced science that our forefathers have bestowed us? It is just the matter of faith and belief. Whatever is written in our renowned ancient sriptures, is the findings of our ancient rishis(scientists) and scholars based on experience only; gained after long periods of penance and meditation. We should revive that knowledge using scientific tools and technology available today to give a new realm to our understanding.
This is possible only if we reaccess our lives and dig into the knowledge lying embedded in scripts and ancient literature which can also give a meaningful direction to our quest of evolution in terms- physically, scientifically and spiritually.

My Final Views
RUDRAKSHA-"Though it is an Ancient Science but has not lost its Relevance even in the Current Times"

A good scientific analysis on medical terms in detail about rudraksha can be found here.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

History teaches Us that Power lies inside Us only!

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I was exhausted, was feeling as if had been drained of every sigle drop of Blood. Was searching some source of Energy to feed me up. Looking for some reservoir from where I can take some power to gain some momentum to move ahead in Life. Had searched every single bit of Land, took a dive into depths of ocean, scanned whole lot of sky, still the search was on & on for that source of "energy", which now seems to be a hypothetical phenomena.
At last handling failure from all sides and fed up till last breath, took a minute to sit & relax myself.

"EUREKA"                                   "EUREKA"                                             "EUREKA"

That  source of energy which I was hunting in this mortal world is found atlast! And that too at a place very near to my reach. Yeah, that magical reservoir of energy was found inside me, my heart.

Friends that is the case with most of us. Often it happens that something which we are searching in whole world founds atlast somewhere very near to us. Now the question arises that if our desirable thing was so close to us, why couldn't we found it at first glance itself? The answer is Simple! We never bothered to search, infact ignored it's existence aound our surroundings and within us.

 Would like to quote some examples from History where people have become great by only discovering this hidden source of energy inside them.

Who is not aware of Name of Napolean Bonaparte? He was second child in the lineage of eight brothers and sisters.He had faced lot of difficulties in his life but what led him through these turbulent times was his discovery of this reservoir of power inside him. That is why-
It is said only that person is able to win the wars of life who believes that something inside him is superior to circumstances.
Taking Instance from the Hebrew Bible and the famous fight between Young David and Giant Goliath, it was only this reservoir of power in Young Goliath's Heart that gave him courage to fight with Giant Goliath and will to succeed too.
Ramayana of Hindu mythology also describes how Shri Rama has bound courage to fight the mighty Ravana when he was facing an exile in the forest. Shri Rama believed that something inside him powers up, sustained him with all good virtues against all odds. Tulsidads has described it in great details in Ramayana as "Ravanu Rathi Birath Raghubira".
Now the question arises what is this great source of power or reservoir of power that can fuel you up till your last breath?

This is the question whose answer only you can find and that too only through a voyage within Yourself, "a discovery of true you." For some it can be God worship and faith, extensive desire to achieve something, love for someone, memories etc. For others it could be anything ranging from special abilities, rare attributes etc.

Friends we all have a reservoir of energy and power inside us waiting to be discovered so that we can utilize that source to live a happy, satisfied and meaningful life. Last, but not the least to help ourselves to evolve into a more developed personality and human being.

Remember- "There is no difference between an Ordinary Man and a Hero except that Hero lasts five minutes longer."
Next time if you need boost up of that extra energy, don't search it somewhere outside You but take inspiration from History and try to discover it within You .

Thursday, June 9, 2011

History-A Source of Inspiration, Aspiration and Perspiration to realize your Dreams

I love History not because I love being a traditional person, Not because I want to live in the past, Neither I love to read piece of literature which is no more in existence...But I love History because
It inspires me from the valour of our forefathers.
It teach me mistakes done by our previous generation and lessons learned by them.
It gives me base to build a better future for our next generation and improves our present.
It aspires me to achieve something, to make a difference not only in my life but in the life of people all around the globe.
It shows me way to realize my dreams by giving a sufficient account of database of what had been achieved in this moral world and what is still need to be achieved.
It has preserved technologies, gems of wisdom, and culture that we might have left in the past by mistake to move forward, which can be too valuable for us in our present time.

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Taking examples from Indian History- There were great kings like Chandragupta Maurya who had unified major part of Indian sub continent at a sheer age of  just 20. Take example of Alexander the great or Napolean whom achievements needs no mention. They are ideals as they have done something which was never done before them, they have set new benchmarks and have left their footprints on the sands of time forever. Chatrapati Shivaji who founded the Maratha Empire has started capturing forts at age of 16.
A common thing which can be deduced in all these great personalities is that History have played an important role in shaping their personality along with their charater. And had induce courage and zeal in them to achieve something that can justify their birth on this earth.

So friends...............................
History is not just another boring chapter and account of our past but is wisdom of past which can be used in our present to build a better tommorow and prosperous future.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Tune in your Positive Energy-Negative Energy-A Concept and Thinking

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"Negative energy breeds negative energy. Positive energy breeds positive energy"
Positive Energy----------------Negative Energy
These are not just two words but more than words, in fact an experience which everyone undergoes through .....

The words often found in scriptures and religious literature alike all over the world is embedded with a whole different world of psychology behind them.
To Illustrate-
Why is it often so that we feel good by visiting a peculiar place, meeting a peculiar person, eating a peculiar thing or doing a peculiar activity???????????
Have you ever thought about it????
Actually all these things are consequences of positive energy that helps stimulates 'Feel Good Chemical' in our brain.
All of you must have heard of energy but what is exactly this positive energy or negative energy???
Positive energy is nothing but more energy or energy in higher amount and rate, Negative energy is just vice-versa of this i.e energy in significantly less amount. Although there are other theories about positive and negative energy relating them to the nature of energy in traditional physics, we will focus on above concept of energy which is equivalently mentioned in science.
 How can we get positive energy and how to reduce negative energy must be the next question framing in your mind!!!
Friends our body's structure is very complicated in nature. For easy understanding one can refer that the mechanism is highly scientific and hence body can be signified as a machine constructed by most genius scientist in whole universe-GOD. We all know that our body produces Vitamin D when it comes in contact with sun rays, likewise our body can also absorb energy apart from producing energy with in us which is a routine body activity. 
Do the things you like, do good deeds, help others, think positive are some things that can help you increase your positive energy level. Energy is everywhere around us, just we have to trained our senses to feel it and soaked it through our body. Exercises are often among best methods to increase your energy levels and traditional methods such as Qi Excercises, Yoga are gems of our scriptures devised for benefit of mankind only. These traditional methods help us to train our senses and organs to operate at their maximum efficiency taking advantage of energy in nature, our surroundings, good people and holy beings.
What is the need of this theory???
So this theory has been conceptualized to correlate different moods of human being, effect of environment and surrounding on human beings, give them a chance to enjoy beauty of life by bringing in more energy in their life and feel good about it. Actually it indicates that this life, (Gift of God) is too short to be get worried by simple and irrelevant things, too naive to get depressed. Enjoy life, every moment of life for ZINDAGI MILEGI NA DOBARA (Boon of Life will not be granted to you second time)

In the end remember, we need to balance both positive energy and negative energy in the best interest of our health for too much of anything is not good for anybody.Friends as we need to connect both positive and negative terminals of battery to let the current flow, like wise we need both type of energies to maintain flow and spirit in life too.

Hence it is once again evident that our scriptures and literature are immense source of information only waiting to be tapped and discovered.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Energy Dissipator, God Shiva and River Ganga- Revealing Fact about Hydro Projects

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"Incident of River Ganges Coming to Earth from Heaven"

Mythological incidents gives a lot of valuable insight and information about many common as well as technical processes employed in various activities. It needs only some careful studies to identify them and constant research to develop them to a level wherein they can be put into practise in our day to day life.

Ganga is not only largest but also a very sacred river of India. The sacredness of this river can be guessed from the fact that its water never gets putrefy no matter how long you keep it into storage.
According to our mythology Ganga was born as a Goddess in Heaven in pot of God Brahma while he was worshipping Lord Vamana (Incarnation of God Vishnu). Story further goes like this that only Goddess Ganga had the power to purify the sins and liberate the souls of the dead. There used to be a king on earth named Sagar who had 60000 sons and they have committed a mistake by the virtue of which there souls could not be liberated. It took seven generation's hard penance to please God Brahma to let Ganga come on earth. But God Brahma told to seventh descendant of King Sagar-Bhagiratha that force (or velocity) of Ganga while descending from Heaven to earth will be so much that it will overhelm the entire earth. To avoid this Bhagiratha has to convince God Shiva to bear the energy of Riven Ganga and then let her flow to earth.This is how River Ganga came to earth from Heaven.

Now taking reference of this mythological story we can deduce some very important information that can be put to use in the construction of our Hydro Power Projects.
Considering Heaven as Upstream Area and Earth as Downstream Area, River Ganga flows from Upstream to Downstream with a very high velocity and force. God Shiva was present in downstream area on Mountain Kailash who have dissipated the energy of River Ganga to prevent the overhelming. 
Taking Shivlinga as a symbol of God Shiva, a valuable inference can be drawn from this mythological story that "Shape of ShivaLinga can act as Best Energy Dissipator".
Definition of Energy Dissipator in reference to Hydro Projects can be cited as "Energy dissipators are any device designed to protect downstream areas from erosion by reducing the velocity of flow to acceptable limits."

Finally, we can deduce from this mythological incident
"that function of God Shiva was nothing more than that of Energy Dissipator. We can put this fact to our benefit only if we conduct a serious research on this fact and compare it with the results obtained from other energy dissipators."

By Now,Friends you also must have started feeling that Our History, Our Mythology and Our Religion is all based on Pure Science, only we need to decipher them.
Friends Voyage is still on, so wait for this historic Ship's next anchored coordinates.

*This inference came out during discussion with Ram Kishore Gupta (President,Water Resource Management Forum who is also a Retired Chief Engineer) wherein we were discussing about applications of scientific aspects of general religious beliefs.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Tulsi or Holy Basil- Story of Ritual developed out of Science

"Tulsi" often called as Holy Basil in English is one of the most sacred plant in Hinduism religion. The other part of the story is that Tulsi is not only important from religious point of view but has great medical significance too.
There are numerous properties of Tulsi that can be enlisted as follows-
  • It has stupendous healing powers.
  • Useful in Cough, Cold and Fever.
  • It has anti-cancerous and anti-oxidant properties.
  • Useful for decreasing blood glucose and cholesterol level.
  • It is widely used in cases of skin, teeth or eyes disorders in various forms.
  • Helps in strengthening immune system of the body.
  • Its aroma keeps away insects and mosquitoes from the house.
Perhaps this is the reason it is said in Hindu Religion that  Households who plant Tulsi in their houses never suffers from illness. Also, today you will still find this plant of Tulsi in most of the households in India despite transition towards modernity by mass population and diminishing values in changing times.

A Ritual formed on Scientific Basis-

There is a popular custom in India that whenever you go to any temple in India, the priest there gives you tulsi with water and asks you to gulp it.

Have you ever thought why he does so OR what might be the reasons behind this common ritual which is being practiced since times immemorial?

I have tried figuring out through various literature and came across a remarkable fact and explanation about this ritual.But before that, 'Hat Off" to our ancestors who have really device enduring social systems in the interest of all.Yeah, our sages were great scientists and genius who were aware of the medical value of tulsi but also know that to preach it to general masses would be a task that will not be feasible at one go. So they might have associated it with a religious practice so people just follow it without any 'do &don't' in their mind.
This would keep them away from most of the diseases and all knows that health is a preliminary key to happiness.

This is a fact that Tulsi has immense medicinal value apart from several other benefits but there is also a method underlined each benefit which must be followed exactly the same way to get most out of it. To elaborate it- Tulsi is also very rich in 'Mercury' content which is good for our body in a consumable form found in Tulsi but is bad for our teeth. This is why our religious practices have made it necessary in the form of ritual to never bite a fresh tulsi leaf and to gulp it with water only. This way we can get all the benefits of Tulsi without damaging our teeth.

We know very well that it is a vain effort to explain science to masses and asked them to follow it BUT still........
Science and Technology is only useful when its benefits reaches to masses and helps in the development of whole society. Sages in Ancient times must have understood this idealism very well and thus had devised ways(associating it with religious ritual) to make it sure that benefits of science reaches to all levels of society.

Note- With reference to Japan Nuclear Disaster, I want to bring this fact to limelight that many studies and researches had suggested that Tulsi can also help to protect organs from 'radiation poisoning' .

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Need New Energy Sources-Look Old Scriptures and History

A universal Truth other than Death is "Energy is required to perform all the tasks."

Whether we have to eat, we have to dance, we have to run vehicles, we have to live, we have to speak, even famous Zynga Games like CityVille and FarmVille also needs you to have energy to perform tasks. In these all states though the primary requirement is that of Energy but energy does not exist in the same form to perform the peculiar subsequent tasks. This can be heat energy in one case to physical energy or mental energy in other cases. Also the source of Energy in each and every tasks varies from being Gasoline, Petrol, Diesel, Food, Body, Sun etc.

There is no denial to this evident truth that we need energy and that too in a state in which it can be utilized.
The whole World is Dependent on energy. The nations who are more powerful today than other are the ones having more energy whether it is in the form of electricity, petroleum products or nuclear derivatives etc. Numerous researches are being conducted to find new sources of energy, gigantic amount of resources are being deployed to find alternative sources of energy or renewable sources of energy because now non- renewable sources of energy have come on the verge of depletion.

Can we imagine our future without energy? Or we intends to live again in the same way our ancestors have lived once when they have started their journey of evolution (Early Man Time's according to modern history)

Well, I will say no because we have solution , then why to invite problem!

Our ancestors have foreseen these types of problems much before we have started experiencing it. Yeah, for instant take incidents mentioned in our epics whether it is compact "Parmanu Astras" (Nuclear Bombs), or aircrafts (Wisdom of new Age technologies hidden in Ancient Scriptures) driven by sound energy or that mystic fuel called as 'Rasa'( Amaranganasutradhara)or 'Para'-> (Reference by Samarangana-Sutradhara by Raja Bhoj 1050AD). Apart from this there are also several other instances in our sacred texts written by our sages which describes about various other forms of energy, one such being 'Laghima' or "Anti-Gravitational ' energy. 'Anti-Gravitational' Energy resembles to Zero Point Energy as depicted by modern day scientists from vacuum sources. They(Ancestors) have numerous sources of energy and that too in a form which can be easily utilized. By now you too can clearly decipher that our ancestors must have foreseen today's circumstances and Perhaps also understood the very essence of most quoted following law of our modern science-

According to the First Law of Thermodynamics and also Law of Conservation of Energy- 
In an isolated system the total amount of energy remains constant over time. The consequence can be derived as follows that "Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed, it can be transformed from one one state to another"

Thus the need of the hour is to look upon these scriptures written by our own sages or ancient scientists and to divert considerable resources in the research so that sufficient light can be thrown on the application and utilization of such ancient technologies.
This I believe will surely help us in one way or other to get out of this so called 'Energy Crisis' of today's Era.
So Harness a Voyage of Energy by Exploring History!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Indian Astrology- Science Behind It, Validated by Newton' Law

"I got great marks in the Exam"-Lucky Man
"I got a Job Today, don't know how"- Lucky You
"I studied very hard for the exam, still got passing marks"- Damn Luck
"I did great in the interview, still not selected for job"-Bad Luck

These are some form of conversation you might have also come across at some points of your life. Some are seen to praise their luck, others will be there standing and blaming their fate. last they got some one to blame for their Failures and self-appraise in case of success.

The word 'luck' or 'destiny' or 'fate' or 'fortune' are all synonyms used by man to describe his feelings of success and failures. The science which predicts the results in terms of success and failures in a person's life thereby giving and guiding him in a direction that will yield optimum results for him is known by the world as "ASTROLOGY" . There are different forms of Astrology such as Vedic Astrology, Tarot Cards, Hellenistic Astrology etc. used all over the globe that employ various methods and underlying principles to predicts happenings of future thereby giving direction to a person's life.

I can not say which is the superior or most correct among them but the most used Astrology Science in India is "Vedic Astrology" which definitely has a scientific principle supporting it. Vedic Astrology or Indian Astrology or Jyotish Vidya  is based on a very basic principle that every planet or heavenly body in this universe affects the life of a person in one or other way since his birth on the planet "Earth". In simpler terms it also describes supreme relation between microcosm and macrocosm through several idioms and principles. 
On the basis of these principles it predicts the events of future in a person's life at that peculiar point of time.

Now lets see the Scientific Principle that supports this form of Astrology and which is given by none other than the most famous and respected physicist through out the world- NEWTON. Yes, Newton gave his famous 'Universal law of Gravitation' which states that 'every body in this universe attracts or repel every other body with a force that is directly proportional to the masses of the body and inversely proportional to the square of the distances between them.' This means that every body in this universe is affected in one way or other by the presence of every other body in this universe. Lets analyze it with the help of an example-When a magnet is brought near another magnet not only magnetic force of whole magnet undergoes a change but simultaneously its elements also experiences a change. The same is the case of Human Beings living on earth. When Earth undergoes change, people living on it also experiences a change. Here is a diagram to illustrate my point.
Note: Human Blood has ample amount of iron in it. We also know that blood keeps flowing through the body and along with it iron also which give rise to magnetism phenomenon. This quantity of iron may not produce effect on others but is sufficient enough to be get affected from external magnetic forces.

Let have a glance at some more insights on this Scientific Principle of Astrology!!!

The roots of Vedic Astrology is based in principles which states that earth is affected by forces of other planets and heavenly bodies in our solar system AND every person on this earth since constitutes earth(through principle of microcosm and macrocosm) is also affected in one way or other. Mathematical Calculations have been done in vedic astrology only constituting the forces of planets and heavenly bodies that forms our solar systems and other heavenly objects outside our solar system are neglected due to their increasing distance from the earth. All these are depicted through common terms often heard off in connection with Indian Astrology such as Lagna, Nakshatra, Grahas, Rasis, Yogas etc.

Now one may wonder, what may happen as a result of these forces and how events can be predicted through them. There is no firm scientific principle available on this though research is going on to find some more deep insights on the subject. From my point of view, it is as follows- We know that every force has its own nature and characteristics. Also every object do not intrastate same kind of force in its realm. Now these forces with varying characteristics and nature affects particular object in a peculiar way of its own. Same thing happens with human beings also, these heavenly forces affects out thoughts, mind, health, habits etc. giving a direction to them and increasing a probability of ending us into particular happening (may be good or bad). Our actions also influence these force's nature for e.g.- if we do good deeds, we feel happy and its generate special type of chemicals in our body that affects our mood, health, if we do exercise daily we feel strong and healthy. So a healthy person will undergoes an opposite effect of a force from that of a weak person. It can be understood in same way that too much rain might be good for Paddy Crops(rice) but can be bad for cucumber or Some time Rains ends Drought and Other time Rains bring Floods.

Friends, this Vedic Astrology is given by Ancient Indian Sages and rishis thousand of years ago. They were scientists and genius who through their immense research have found relation between behavior of man on account of forces that affects them on the basis of mathematical calculation of positions of heavenly bodies in the universe. This gem of knowledge is passed on from generation to generation since thousand years is both science with respect to its principles and is an art in respect of quality of human life. 

In the end I want to conclude that Astrology can help you to achieve results with success but can not bring you the very success. At the end of the day it is your hard work and determination only that can do magic for you.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Poem- History Lovers also have Heart that Beats for SOMEONE

I just want you to shine
These are the only intentions of mine..

I just want you to glow like a Sun
And flash off your radiant smile..

Don't give me your light
But also don't ripped me off your sight...


Sometimes somethings can not be helped
No matter how much you resist it to whelp..

Those feelings come from heart purely refined
It happened as it were to be destined..

Mind loses control and Heart becomes your only goal
In this terrific whole; feelings burn like a charcoal..


Days and Nights went silent gazing by moon
Mornings becomes noon.

I want to close my eyes
For you come in my dreams.

When I open my eyes
Your memories make my feelings gleam...


Come by the sea shore
Hear the waves galore..

You will find tides
For its always full moon night..

Sea is my Heart
And Waves are your ignoring darts..

Rising out to swallow those hearty chimes
But all I want is your just little time..  


Hear the sound; that surrounds
It is whispering something that is never going to rebounds..

If you miss it now
Love is that then
you forever sow..

It is though as common as selenium
But still something that happens only
"  Once in a Millennium".  

Wondering what this poem is doing in a blog on such serious footnotes as Science, Technology and History... Well this is here only to declare that History Lovers are also Human Beings With Heart and their Heart can also beat for someone!!!!! I have written this poem from heart for a heart!! :)

NOTE- Pictures used in this Poem is for depiction purpose only. Author is grateful to all those sites and persons from where pics are sourced out. However, if any owner of pics has objection with using them here on the blog, I will remove it immediately upon receiving an email of same consent.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wisdom of New Age Technologies Hidden in Ancient Scriptures

Space Technology, Ammunition Technology, Bio Technology, Construction Technology, Nuclear Technology, Textile Technology, Information Technology and many other modern technologies have come in recent times to aid human beings in several ways.

A modern man or woman of today times keep updated knowledge about each and many such technologies that are coming in market every day. It is the symbol of modernity or in simpler terms keeping pace with the rest of world.

Great things..Great Act..Great Technologies..Isn't it...?????
Like this we will keep on witnessing evolution of many more technologies in the coming era too.

Friends, this is certainly true..Technologies need research and clinical trials and immense testing before they can be launched in the market. But let me tell you that we can develop and evolve at a much faster pace than which we are moving ahead now.We can save lot of our time in research and testing....

"How?" is the question of the hour...

Well answer lies in our Ancient Scriptures and Ancient Scripts that are preserved since generations and also discovered from many excavations and unearthed sites all over the country. We can take load of inspirations from our scriptures, religious books, epics and other well written ancient documents preserved in Libraries and Museums worldwide. Yes, they are truly inspirational.  They are treasures of knowledge and technologies that is much ahead of our time. Only they need to studied and understand with the intent they were written. This will help us develop new technologies and new techniques that can not only bring more peace in our world but also harmony with nature.

For Eg- We talk of atom bombs in this era and first time world has hear this name when the BANG happened over Japan in Second World War. But Indians Scriptures have a book called "Aanu Shastra (अणु शास्त्र)"  which very well documents the atom bomb description. AANU is a Sanskrit word which itself means smallest particle and the same is referred to as ATOM in English. Also, there is also a Book called "Vaimanika Shastra (वैमानिका शास्त्र )" which again gives a very detailed information about science of aeronautics. To mention a few more in the same line are Vimaana Chandrika of Maharshi Narayan, The Yantra Sarvaswa of Maharshi Bharadwaja, Vyoma Yaana Tantra of Sounaka etc.  Civil Engineering is something that have evolved in much later part of 20th century. But you can refer to "Vaastu Shastra (वास्तु शास्त्र)" and you will be amazed to find remarkable similarity between principles of Geotechnical Engineering and Vaastu Shastra as personally observed by me too.

By now you must have also realized too that our ancestors were far more ahead in knowledge of science and technology in comparison to ours that we still proudly boast off today.

There are several such examples of gems of information and wisdom kept locked in the scriptures not only in India but whole over the world. Now it truly depends on the so called "Wise" genre of Human Race to see, analyze and discover the secrets of Wisdom of New Age Technologies Hidden in our ancient roots!!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Walking on Water- Scientific Explanation of Art Lost in Sands of Time

Walking on Water
A new and rather much disputed topic, seems to be myth or another bluffing act.
In fact,an accomplishment and science of evolution lost in sands of time, together lets explore the active dimension of it.!

You might have heard of "Liquid Mountaineering-Walk on Water" OR "Mythbusters-Walking on Water".
Both of these are popular videos that are becoming talk of the town over internet and can be easily found on Youtube. It is also said that water in Dead Sea is so dense that no one can get drown in that.Alas, you can not find Dead Sea all over the world to gain first hand experience of walking on water.

People now a days are exploring new dimensions and techniques to gain ability of walking on water.  This was however a treasured art and science known by many sages and Godly messengers not only in Ancient India but all over the world. One can find numerous references not only in stories from epic but also in history of such exceptional personalities having that rare ability to walk on water.

There was a pure science however with different concepts than modern one; behind this technique of walking on water.
I will not enforce my ideology on you but make a note of this that our horizon of thinking will expand to new limits only if we will freely allow our mind to explore new dimensions without any doubts. Even modern science has also evolved using anonymous assumptions and theories. So try to understand the concepts of this ancient science too.
All of you might be aware of "Yoga", a term that have swept the world as a refreshing and rejuvenating source of energy and health. Yoga is Ancient Indian Technique developed and refined by our sages over the centuries of research. It declares that God has given man an infinite source of energy. However, God knows that since it is in the nature of man to contains both demonic and good  virtues, so he has locked that infinite source of energy within a system that is called as "CHAKRAS". Only those who can raise themselves over and above a particular level by doing virtuous rituals and practicing can gain access to open that divine lock inside our body. Different religions all over the world have different concepts and theories about this Lock System.According to Indian philosophy there are in all seven Chakras and they are located along the spine of human body at peculiar positions.
Here is a picture of the same from mantraonline for your ready reference-
Yoga is embedded with the techniques to open these Chakras. There are many other practices too through which these Chakras can be open. Once they are active they give us infinite source of energy and a totally new experience out of this world never ever happened before. Many people in ancient times posses this ability to open their Chakras and use the energy from them to walk over water. They used to derived a significant amount of energyv from their Chakras and concentrate it at their feet so that their reaches a balance between the action and reaction forces of feet and water.
Logically we could not walk on water because the force exert by our feet on water is greater than force that is exert by water on our feet, so we tend to displace water and consequently get drowned. But this Chakra Energy when concentrated at feet helps to reach a state of equilibrium where either both forces become stable or force exert by our feet become smaller in magnitude than force exerted by water on our feet. As a result one gains instant ability to walk on water.
Here is a diagram for your easy understanding-
Friends, our History has many more secrets and valuable jewels of information enfolded in sands of time waiting to be discovered. So now onwards, never consider History as just another boring part, change your vision and explore its creative and interesting past.

Monday, January 17, 2011

History and Science in Crops- Inspired By CityVille

Seeds grown into Crops within hours or 3-4 days.

Yeah, Correct Guess-I am talking about FarmVille or CityVille.

Both of them are massive popular-FaceBook application games. Here is a list of time which is taken by the crops to grow in CityVille-
  • Strawberries- 5mins
  • Carrots- 8 hours
  • Corns- 1 day
  • Egg-Plant- 1 hour
  • Watermelons- 4 hours
  • Craneberries- 12 hours
  • Wheat- 2.1 days
Now, one might think what these have to do with a post in this blog which deals with History and Science.

Well it has lot do with science as it is deeply concerned about us and our history.The rate at which genetic modification is going on in crops and with their seeds, the day is not far when we might witness instant or high decrement in crop's growth in reality than current natural cycle.

But is that means- we have grown advanced? OR we have control the Nature's cycle of growth? OR we have taken a next step towards evolution?
To many of you, this might seems to be dreamy picture of the future. Behold here!
Lets Explore at the other side of the fence.
 Crops in ancient times tends to be more nutritive, seeds were said to be more bigger in size than that of present generation. This is a well established fact as validated by different discoveries of seeds through out the world in tombs and graves; of centuries old origin.Archaeologists found the size of seeds much bigger than present generation seeds.
 This is Obvious !
Climate and soil was different in those times. There was no or very little trace of pollution relative to recent times, no manual disturbance in climate cycles( e.g- by blasting off mountains, changing course of rivers etc.) etc. Crops used to be more healthy for human consumption as they grow in the nature's lap without much interference from human's side. They were following Nature's Principles of Science. Today man has changed the very chemistry of soil by addition of chemical fertilizers.
Our ancestors used to fall less ill during those times when compared to our proneness of falling sick due to different diseases at present times. It was mainly because of type of nutrition they had apart from environment they lived in.Moreover, there is a great difference in the taste of natural one and modified one too, for instance take Mango.( Natural Mango is more tasty than genetically modified mango)
These modified seeds and crops are always crept with some side effects which we can not locate through unless until it appears on the surface.Nature's creation is flawless but a man's creation can not be flawless every time because Nature knows 'how to and when to keep everything in balance" which is often ignored by man.
There are many stories from validated Indian History wherein young man and lads have shown great act of courage which can not be expected in today times for e.g-Prithviraj Chauhan , a famous prince of Ajmer in 11th Century said  to have killed a Tiger in a single Hand Combat. Many such stories of our brave men of ancient times are sprung across different cultures all over the world. This is a sufficient proof of strength that they posses which was only gained through a healthy and nutritive diet of Natural Crops, not the one genetically modified.
This is also reflected in the construction of man-made ancient structures such as Great Pyramids of Egypt, Caves at Mahabalipuram carved out of single piece of rocks, Great Wall of China etc. that are simply thought impossible in today's times without the aid of technology.

So, next time you give preference (because they can not be completely avoided) to a genetically modified crop or fruit over natural one, just remember our ancestors and their glorious history.

!!Wish you a Healthy Living!!