Tuesday, July 5, 2011

History teaches Us that Power lies inside Us only!

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I was exhausted, was feeling as if had been drained of every sigle drop of Blood. Was searching some source of Energy to feed me up. Looking for some reservoir from where I can take some power to gain some momentum to move ahead in Life. Had searched every single bit of Land, took a dive into depths of ocean, scanned whole lot of sky, still the search was on & on for that source of "energy", which now seems to be a hypothetical phenomena.
At last handling failure from all sides and fed up till last breath, took a minute to sit & relax myself.

"EUREKA"                                   "EUREKA"                                             "EUREKA"

That  source of energy which I was hunting in this mortal world is found atlast! And that too at a place very near to my reach. Yeah, that magical reservoir of energy was found inside me, my heart.

Friends that is the case with most of us. Often it happens that something which we are searching in whole world founds atlast somewhere very near to us. Now the question arises that if our desirable thing was so close to us, why couldn't we found it at first glance itself? The answer is Simple! We never bothered to search, infact ignored it's existence aound our surroundings and within us.

 Would like to quote some examples from History where people have become great by only discovering this hidden source of energy inside them.

Who is not aware of Name of Napolean Bonaparte? He was second child in the lineage of eight brothers and sisters.He had faced lot of difficulties in his life but what led him through these turbulent times was his discovery of this reservoir of power inside him. That is why-
It is said only that person is able to win the wars of life who believes that something inside him is superior to circumstances.
Taking Instance from the Hebrew Bible and the famous fight between Young David and Giant Goliath, it was only this reservoir of power in Young Goliath's Heart that gave him courage to fight with Giant Goliath and will to succeed too.
Ramayana of Hindu mythology also describes how Shri Rama has bound courage to fight the mighty Ravana when he was facing an exile in the forest. Shri Rama believed that something inside him powers up, sustained him with all good virtues against all odds. Tulsidads has described it in great details in Ramayana as "Ravanu Rathi Birath Raghubira".
Now the question arises what is this great source of power or reservoir of power that can fuel you up till your last breath?

This is the question whose answer only you can find and that too only through a voyage within Yourself, "a discovery of true you." For some it can be God worship and faith, extensive desire to achieve something, love for someone, memories etc. For others it could be anything ranging from special abilities, rare attributes etc.

Friends we all have a reservoir of energy and power inside us waiting to be discovered so that we can utilize that source to live a happy, satisfied and meaningful life. Last, but not the least to help ourselves to evolve into a more developed personality and human being.

Remember- "There is no difference between an Ordinary Man and a Hero except that Hero lasts five minutes longer."
Next time if you need boost up of that extra energy, don't search it somewhere outside You but take inspiration from History and try to discover it within You .

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