Thursday, June 9, 2011

History-A Source of Inspiration, Aspiration and Perspiration to realize your Dreams

I love History not because I love being a traditional person, Not because I want to live in the past, Neither I love to read piece of literature which is no more in existence...But I love History because
It inspires me from the valour of our forefathers.
It teach me mistakes done by our previous generation and lessons learned by them.
It gives me base to build a better future for our next generation and improves our present.
It aspires me to achieve something, to make a difference not only in my life but in the life of people all around the globe.
It shows me way to realize my dreams by giving a sufficient account of database of what had been achieved in this moral world and what is still need to be achieved.
It has preserved technologies, gems of wisdom, and culture that we might have left in the past by mistake to move forward, which can be too valuable for us in our present time.

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Taking examples from Indian History- There were great kings like Chandragupta Maurya who had unified major part of Indian sub continent at a sheer age of  just 20. Take example of Alexander the great or Napolean whom achievements needs no mention. They are ideals as they have done something which was never done before them, they have set new benchmarks and have left their footprints on the sands of time forever. Chatrapati Shivaji who founded the Maratha Empire has started capturing forts at age of 16.
A common thing which can be deduced in all these great personalities is that History have played an important role in shaping their personality along with their charater. And had induce courage and zeal in them to achieve something that can justify their birth on this earth.

So friends...............................
History is not just another boring chapter and account of our past but is wisdom of past which can be used in our present to build a better tommorow and prosperous future.

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