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Tune in your Positive Energy-Negative Energy-A Concept and Thinking

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"Negative energy breeds negative energy. Positive energy breeds positive energy"
Positive Energy----------------Negative Energy
These are not just two words but more than words, in fact an experience which everyone undergoes through .....

The words often found in scriptures and religious literature alike all over the world is embedded with a whole different world of psychology behind them.
To Illustrate-
Why is it often so that we feel good by visiting a peculiar place, meeting a peculiar person, eating a peculiar thing or doing a peculiar activity???????????
Have you ever thought about it????
Actually all these things are consequences of positive energy that helps stimulates 'Feel Good Chemical' in our brain.
All of you must have heard of energy but what is exactly this positive energy or negative energy???
Positive energy is nothing but more energy or energy in higher amount and rate, Negative energy is just vice-versa of this i.e energy in significantly less amount. Although there are other theories about positive and negative energy relating them to the nature of energy in traditional physics, we will focus on above concept of energy which is equivalently mentioned in science.
 How can we get positive energy and how to reduce negative energy must be the next question framing in your mind!!!
Friends our body's structure is very complicated in nature. For easy understanding one can refer that the mechanism is highly scientific and hence body can be signified as a machine constructed by most genius scientist in whole universe-GOD. We all know that our body produces Vitamin D when it comes in contact with sun rays, likewise our body can also absorb energy apart from producing energy with in us which is a routine body activity. 
Do the things you like, do good deeds, help others, think positive are some things that can help you increase your positive energy level. Energy is everywhere around us, just we have to trained our senses to feel it and soaked it through our body. Exercises are often among best methods to increase your energy levels and traditional methods such as Qi Excercises, Yoga are gems of our scriptures devised for benefit of mankind only. These traditional methods help us to train our senses and organs to operate at their maximum efficiency taking advantage of energy in nature, our surroundings, good people and holy beings.
What is the need of this theory???
So this theory has been conceptualized to correlate different moods of human being, effect of environment and surrounding on human beings, give them a chance to enjoy beauty of life by bringing in more energy in their life and feel good about it. Actually it indicates that this life, (Gift of God) is too short to be get worried by simple and irrelevant things, too naive to get depressed. Enjoy life, every moment of life for ZINDAGI MILEGI NA DOBARA (Boon of Life will not be granted to you second time)

In the end remember, we need to balance both positive energy and negative energy in the best interest of our health for too much of anything is not good for anybody.Friends as we need to connect both positive and negative terminals of battery to let the current flow, like wise we need both type of energies to maintain flow and spirit in life too.

Hence it is once again evident that our scriptures and literature are immense source of information only waiting to be tapped and discovered.

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