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Energy Dissipator, God Shiva and River Ganga- Revealing Fact about Hydro Projects

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"Incident of River Ganges Coming to Earth from Heaven"

Mythological incidents gives a lot of valuable insight and information about many common as well as technical processes employed in various activities. It needs only some careful studies to identify them and constant research to develop them to a level wherein they can be put into practise in our day to day life.

Ganga is not only largest but also a very sacred river of India. The sacredness of this river can be guessed from the fact that its water never gets putrefy no matter how long you keep it into storage.
According to our mythology Ganga was born as a Goddess in Heaven in pot of God Brahma while he was worshipping Lord Vamana (Incarnation of God Vishnu). Story further goes like this that only Goddess Ganga had the power to purify the sins and liberate the souls of the dead. There used to be a king on earth named Sagar who had 60000 sons and they have committed a mistake by the virtue of which there souls could not be liberated. It took seven generation's hard penance to please God Brahma to let Ganga come on earth. But God Brahma told to seventh descendant of King Sagar-Bhagiratha that force (or velocity) of Ganga while descending from Heaven to earth will be so much that it will overhelm the entire earth. To avoid this Bhagiratha has to convince God Shiva to bear the energy of Riven Ganga and then let her flow to earth.This is how River Ganga came to earth from Heaven.

Now taking reference of this mythological story we can deduce some very important information that can be put to use in the construction of our Hydro Power Projects.
Considering Heaven as Upstream Area and Earth as Downstream Area, River Ganga flows from Upstream to Downstream with a very high velocity and force. God Shiva was present in downstream area on Mountain Kailash who have dissipated the energy of River Ganga to prevent the overhelming. 
Taking Shivlinga as a symbol of God Shiva, a valuable inference can be drawn from this mythological story that "Shape of ShivaLinga can act as Best Energy Dissipator".
Definition of Energy Dissipator in reference to Hydro Projects can be cited as "Energy dissipators are any device designed to protect downstream areas from erosion by reducing the velocity of flow to acceptable limits."

Finally, we can deduce from this mythological incident
"that function of God Shiva was nothing more than that of Energy Dissipator. We can put this fact to our benefit only if we conduct a serious research on this fact and compare it with the results obtained from other energy dissipators."

By Now,Friends you also must have started feeling that Our History, Our Mythology and Our Religion is all based on Pure Science, only we need to decipher them.
Friends Voyage is still on, so wait for this historic Ship's next anchored coordinates.

*This inference came out during discussion with Ram Kishore Gupta (President,Water Resource Management Forum who is also a Retired Chief Engineer) wherein we were discussing about applications of scientific aspects of general religious beliefs.

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