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Power of Rudraksha- Ancient India :Ancient Science, Relevant Till Times

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RUDRAKSHA- A word so powerful that a mere understanding of thy is enough to fill our mind with holiness and spirituality.
To unknowns, talking on the pure scientific terminology it can be introduced as a fruit borne by the tree belonging to Elaeocarpus family with E.Ganitrus being the principal species. But it is more than a tree fruit simply.

Rudraksha is a holy bead that gives both spiritual and physical benefits.

 Let us explore the Spiritual Side-
  • It is respected by allmost all religions and people of different cultures (who are aware about its presence)
  • It is considered as a holy bead which can be used to connect oneself with Divinity.
  • They are also knwon as Prayer Beads.
  • Rudraksha is found in nature in different colours and faces ranging from 1 to 108, which symbolises different spiritual and materialistic benefits accordingly.
  • Person who wears rudraksha and follows righteous path gets his all sins washed.
Exploring the scientific side-
  • An electromagnetic field surrounds the rudraksha and the same has been verified in the labs.
  • Thus it helps in acheiving the trinity of healthy mind and body with pure soul to its wearer.
  • It also helps in controlling the stress levels and enhances the inner power.
  • It helps in maintaining the blood pressure.
History depicts a legend behind this Holy Tree- Once Lord Shiva ( One of  the three Supreme Powers Of Universe according to Hindu Mythology) was in penance state since long time and suddenly one day he opened his eyes.Out of the sheer joy and fulfillment of the element of divinity he had experience while doing penance, few drops of tears fall from his eyes and fell on earth. Those tears are said to be converted in Rudraksha Tree.
That is why the tree is called Rudraksha, Rudra means" Lord Shiva" and aksha means " Eyes".

Logical Links between the Legend and Habitat of Rudraksha
Rudraksha Tree is found mainly in the Foothills of Himalaya and Mansrovar Region. According to ancient scripts and puranas it is said that Lord Shiva resides on Himalaya top. Thus it is natural that rudraksha is also found in foothills of Himalaya showing that the legend bears some connection with the habitat of this tree; unknown to us.

 Friends, the knowledge which our forefathers knows centuries ago is validated now by modern scientist and labs of current era. Why it took us so much time to believe in the advanced science that our forefathers have bestowed us? It is just the matter of faith and belief. Whatever is written in our renowned ancient sriptures, is the findings of our ancient rishis(scientists) and scholars based on experience only; gained after long periods of penance and meditation. We should revive that knowledge using scientific tools and technology available today to give a new realm to our understanding.
This is possible only if we reaccess our lives and dig into the knowledge lying embedded in scripts and ancient literature which can also give a meaningful direction to our quest of evolution in terms- physically, scientifically and spiritually.

My Final Views
RUDRAKSHA-"Though it is an Ancient Science but has not lost its Relevance even in the Current Times"

A good scientific analysis on medical terms in detail about rudraksha can be found here.

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