Friday, September 30, 2011

HEN THEORY- Philosophical Science, Age Old Thoery,New Generation

HEN THOERY-Well a very odd name likely for this blog on history and science.

You must be guessing how "Hen" has a relation with history and science. Clearing off the mystery from the air I will explain how a rather simple phenomenon of philosophical science observed from our history can be explained with a much rather common behaviour of "Hen".

Lets discuss Catching a Hen-
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One of the studious task is to catch a hen even if it is in your domestic pen. Chase the hen as much as you can and then after much efforts you will definitely catch a hen, thanks to your constant effort without giving up and tiresome hardwork. But is this catch can be considered as a worthy prize analyzing the input of hardwork that goes into it?

Definitely "yes" for some people and for others "not"! For this others "not" category my reason and arguement is that this work could be done much easily, then why to waste uneccessary energy and time.
Most of you will agree that if we do not chase hen, hen will not run away from us. Now slowly and carefully we can move ahead towards hen and then at a flash of time we can catch the hen without much effort.
This is called making your move at the right time and with right tools which you would have never achieved if you had diverted your focus only in running over the hen all over the pen.

Life also goes like that-
If you will keep chasing life, life will run away from you.You will not able to cherish the moments that it will give you, will not able to cash in the opportunities its present you and lastly will never be able to cultivate memories that will give you strength to enjoy life at its fullest.
Understand life like a hen, stop chasing it, instead move ahead by doing what you can do best looking for suitable moments and when life presents you with an opportunity, grab it at an instant of time with adrenaline rush of all your focussed energy. You can easily do this since you will not be tired chasing over the life and opportunities but rather will be fresh and healthy to achieve almost any thing achievable.

There are numerous examples lying all over history wherein great men and personalities have achieved their respective destiny by understanding only this basic principle of life.Take for example life of Mahatma Gandhi who was in Africa chasing his life of a barrister. Until then he was Mohanchand Gandhi but when he slowed down and reflected over his life due to that "Train Incident" he became Mahatma Gandhi.
Most of us are chasing life, we are not living life. In the morning we have to do something, in the afternoon other thing and in the night sleeping. Why we are doing this ? Life is not a race to be win neither a chase to be accomplished! Rather, It is a wonderful gift of God to achieve our destiny on earth and be merry.

Don't chase life, Life is not a race, Live Life as if catching a hen in the pen.

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