Saturday, November 5, 2011

HISTORY- Teacher of Management Principles

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History is like a sea where you can always discover things having mystical abilities that can quite amaze you.

The deeper you go, the more your luck of discovering some thing amazing sticks out!

I have also found just an amazing link of History with what we call buzz word  " Management" in today's Corporate World.

Yeah History is the Best Teacher of Management as Experience is the Best Definition of Management and History stores lot of accounts of such management tactics from world over.
In India, you will often hear corporate and management gurus quoting " Bhagwad Gita" as master peice of management book on earth. Future Group( Big Bazzar Fame) is using Management tactics based on mythological epic " Mahabharta" to tackle issues related to HR and its operations.

Similarly if you take any incident of history or any record of history you are bound to gain some great insights into management tips and tactics our ancestors have used.

Quoting an example of History- I am damn sure that all of you must have heard about famous movie        " 300". In this 300, warriors from Spartan are able to defeat enemies of 100,000 army through planned and carefully executed strategy with team work.It is one of the masterpiece incident that depicts how a Small and Novice Entreprise with limited resources and planning can wipe out Big organizations in competition. A real world example could be taken from Entertainment Industry in India where a newly launched channel "Imagine" in 2008 have carved out its own niche among reigning supremos like "Star TV", "Zee Tv" and "Sony" in a short span of time.

Taking example from Indian History- I don't think any body here can deny the fact that "Chanakya"was the first Management Guru. For those who don't know about him let me tell you that it is only under the guidance of this Wizard and Learned Personality of Strategic Planning and Politics that a mere humble, poor boy without any background became the First Emperor of whole Ancient India.

Well History is a great Teacher , The only thing we need in current times are its Preacher.

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