Thursday, January 6, 2011

History Weds Science

Ah..! A wedding, that too between History and Science, Shocked! Isn't it???
Well there is no need to!
Science and History are synonymous to each other in a way only few people can realize!
Here I am making an attempt to help you understand this great bonding between History and Science.
The course of History has always been affected by powerful civilizations, their culture, and the way they have evolved themselves to achieve that power. This power was no ordinary power and was very much the result of Science only. The science which was much different, more unusual beyond our understanding and totally weird( as appear to present generation) than this 21st Century. But still, the truth is only that weird ancient science have helped people of those times to evolve out of their nutshell. That science was incredible powerful and useful. Alas! no one took notice of it and that divine knowledge could not be transferred on to forth coming generations. As a result, it became extinct.
This is a fact that in a way we are more developed than our ancestors. We have best modes of entertainment, technology, traveling etc. Still we are not as healthy as our ancestors, still not as happy as our forefathers and still not as safe as our father. However, these things are inseparable ingredients of a quality life and only way to have them again is to revive them. They can only be revived if we make an honest effort to discover those ancient principals, values and science that lost somewhere in midst of time among generations. Ancient Science refers to incidents wherein Lord Rama have used the flying machine "Pushpak Vimaan" driven without any fuel and through energy of sound, power of Vedantic texts in healing human wounds, magnificent structures built without any cementing material, architecture of great pyramids etc. If we find those ancient gems and embed them in the technology we have today, we can take a giant leap in the course of our own EVOLUTION.  This is a point of Science from Historical View.
Now the million dollar question is that how can we revive that ancient science, values and principles that themselves have become a part of history. Technology in present time is still at its infancy where it cannot give us a "Time Machine" which can help us forming case studies by having an easy glance at history. So what should we do? Here the roles of science and technology comes in! Although we don't have a "Time Machine, but that doesn't means we don't have sufficient technological capability to accomplish our objective. Archaeologist and Historians are these days using technology better than ever as an aid to dig all that lost information  from historical remains of ancient civilizations. They have sophisticated robots, best chemicals, carbon dating methods, bio-technology etc at their disposal. It can be well said that today science is outlining the course of history and that is a point of History from Scientific View.

This was my first post and in due course of our voyage I will present many such unique examples of ancient Indian science and some from around the world that are gems of our past and treasure for our future.

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