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Jwala Ji- The Eternal Flame even Akbar and Time Couldn't Extinguish

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"Jwala Ji" is name of Hindu Goddess in Hinduism. She is said to resides as an eternal flame since time infinity near a place called Kangra in Lower himalayas, India.

The mystical and astonishing fact about this flame is that it is burning since time immemorials.

Mythological legend goes that when Lord Shiva was in unconsious state due to death of his wife Sati who threw herself in holy altar after her father accused Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu divided Sati's body into fifty one pieces which fell on earth at various places. These places came to known as ShaktiPeeths and where Sati's tongue fell is Jwala Ji.

Some facts that can be traced in this regards-
  1. The flame burns flawless and in blue colour. (Scientifically this signifies complete combustion.)
  2. It is burning continously since first date of its known history. (Scientifically the source could be renewable in nature)
  3. We don't have any knowledge of its source. Some says it could be reserve of natural gas but same could not be validated.
  4. Legend goes that Akbar even tried to extinguish this eternal flame but couldn't get successful and the same could be validated in the form of golden umbrella which turned into copper (gift of Akbar in honour of Goddess Jwala Ji) in the temple.
  5. Governement of India with team of abled Geologists under Nehru Ji has also tried but in vain to establish the source of this eternal flame.
I think if it is spring of natural gas which is said to be the source of Eternal Fire as mentioned in Wiki, then why any other natural occurence of sacred flame as Jwala Ji can not be found in other parts of world posseing numerous springs of natural gas. Although I too beleive that there is surely some other phenomena and science that is working behind Jwala Ji eternal flame but that can be indication of glory of our ancestors.

Now many people can give the example of Baku Ateshgah, a place in Azerbaizan wherein a similar temple is said to be created since fire is sacred to both hinduism and zoroastranism. It has been established that the same was due to source of natural gas in the rocky region that begins around 16th century and is exhausted in current times.Case of Jwalaji temple is different since the flame is burning since time immemorial and is till burning naturally.

If you happen to go to Jwala Ji temple, notice that under the divine grace of Maa Jwala Ji, priest who perform prayers daily in the temple remains unaffected by the eternal flame (blue in colour) despite putting his hand in the flame to give blessings of "Maa" to her devotees.  

Conclusion is that everything can not be tested and verified on principles of science and that is why it is often said " Where the thinking boundary of Science ends, Region of Spirituality begins".


  1. Milkar bolo Jai Mata Di , This is jyoti of MAA Jawali ji, Every one has to trust on this because there is no way and no one has find out from where it comes.

  2. Trust in GOD and be a true human being,All is well that ends well, Always have faith in GOD and whatever you do remember GOD to help , you will get the same unless your motive and faith should be be on POSITIVE and higher side. Do not do any thing with half heart it should be with full heart.Be kind on all the livings do not try to cheat any body if do so you are cheating yourself only not any body else.By knowingly do not do any thing which reflects on you in future in a bad way. Because Karma( what ever you do is your karma) Karma reflects like a mirror, because as you sow so shall you reap.Try to do always good deeds and have faith and trust in GOD.We can only make the plans but every thing happens as per GOD'S wish So always be positive think good , plan good and do good. GOD bless all.

  3. Replies
    1. Gentleman, LPG has no smell of its own. Smelling agents are added to it before filling it to cylinders. Those agents are known as Ethyl Mercaptans.

    2. Rathore sahab. First sikh guru shri guru nanak dev ji also visited here here and he said that this is jyoti of nirankar. How could you mention it as LPG. Dont you have faith in shri guru sahab's vani

  4. Sharp nose indeed Man...

    If going by your way, most of the households in India are getting cooked food due to blessings of Jwala Ji....

  5. > Conclusion is that everything can not be tested and verified on principles of
    > science and that is why it is often said " Where the thinking boundary of
    > Science ends, Region of Spirituality begins".

    Hahaha!!! some twisted logic indeed..

  6. You may not have a complete knowledge of combustion and burrning then.
    Any flame has different zones. The blue zone of the flame (complete combustion) if touched properly do not give you burning sensation. The reason behind this flame may be the same but until I see it with my eyes I can't be very sure why he does not get hurt.
    There are many people in this world who can put their bare hands in boiling oil/water and still not get burnt. Does that also indicate the miracle of oil mata or pani mata ?

    1. There are not many people here
      The priest always puts his hand on the fire and this has been done sine time immemorial

  7. Sahil

    Knowledge is never complete because it is a journey not a destination.

    Blue zone of the flame is coldest but I am referring to colour which indicates complete combustion which is not happen in every case and is also one of the many reasons of pollution of air.

    Good to know that you know lot about different zones of flames and I am sure that instead of reading it in your seventh class syllabus book, you must have observed it too.
    Read about another concept too which is called ignition point which will give you answer why and how things get burnt.
    So for observation in this case you have to step out of your well and testify your thoughts about Oil Maata or Pani maata once again by a personal visit to the holy place.

  8. About Jwalamukhi:one pecularity of the temple is that there is no deity but flame itself is adored. science offers a complementary explanation. Other than the temple, the town of Jwalamukhi has also been host to the Oil and Natural Gas Corporation of India. The area was first surveyed in 1835, and exploratory natural gas mines were drilled throughout the 1980s. Because OIL WAS NEVER struck, none of the mines were developed into commercial production, but a closer examination of the flames at the temple reveal copper pipes which are lit each day by the priests. Outside, a stone-lined pit of water bubbles constantly, revealing the NATURAL GAS' presence. Whether the copper pipe is attached to municipal service or is fed by the local natural source is not clear.
    (Here no oil presence but GAS PRESENCE exists)
    Another one is at UP(SAKTHINAGAR).
    Similar temple for jwala ji is there at Nepal (muktinath)situated near the place where natural gas emits out .

    Historically, shrines dedicated to Jwala Ji were based on fissures from which natural gas seeped by itself. The number of flames is usually either seven (for the seven divine sisters) or nine (for the nine Durgas).Several schools of Buddhism also share the symbolism of a seven-forked sacred flame.
    Another temple of zorastrianism -Hinduism exists at Baku region of Azerbaijan
    Atashgah of Baku
    The Baku Atashgah is a fire-temple in Surakhani, a suburb of Baku in Azerbaijan. Historically, some Hindu pilgrims have referred to it as the Baku Jwala Ji.Given that fire is considered extremely sacred in both Hinduism and Zoroastrianism (as Agni and Atar respectively), and the two faiths share some elements (such as Yajna and Yasna) from a common proto-Indo-Iranian precursor religion, there has been debate on whether the Atashgah was originally a Hindu site or a Zoroastrian one.

    The presence of several Hindu inscriptions in Sanskrit and Punjabi (as opposed to only one in Persian),encounters with dozens of Hindus at the shrine or en route in the regions between North India and Baku, and assessments of its Hindu-character by Parsi dasturs have led to many scholars and officials deciding that it is a Jwala temple.There were local claims made to a visiting Parsi Dastur in the early twentieth century that the Russian czar Alexander III had also witnessed Hindu fire prayer rituals at this location.

    (Baku regions abundant gas &oil attracted many international wars there)

  9. Jwalamukhi temple is one the most famous shaktipeethas in Himachal Pradesh. Don't make a fun of it.

  10. Those who don't believe... Must visit there. ONGC even failed there to find the existense of natural gas.

  11. The science of supreme intelligence or better known as Adi shakti in Vedanta cannot be studied by any of the 10000000s charles darwin or Einstin or stephen hawkin. Because This Supreme Intelligence is strongest and most accurate. It is also beyond meta physics. Just remember Adi Shakti means First Energy hence you got your answer and the intelligence of her can not be understood by even Trimurti................. aka Brahma Vishnu and Shiva. Even Gita do not talks about it. Krishna even told us what ever is important to live life, he also has taught us to do karma i.e. to obey laws of Energy aka Universal nature aka supreme intelligence

  12. These all stories are based on fiction, not at all real, same as varah avatar of Vishnu took earth out of pataal Lok or from water. I don’t know where that water is ? Can anyone tell
    People who talk abt brahma are fools bcse brahma was a rapist as he married her own daughter saraswati. What the hell , he is a fucking God man, what is he teaching to people