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OM-The Eternal Sound of Universal Rhythm

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"OM"- A rhythm as powerful as earthquake has the power to echo through our lives in a form that is similar to rise of 'Phoenix from the Ashes'. Helps in the discovery of whole new you, Infact the 'Real Me'.

Om is basically a divine and sacred symbol, syllable in Hinduism. It is chanted with influence and focus on three sanskrit words as " aa, au and ma". It is said to posses all the vibrations in the Universe.
Such is the power of this divine syllable that every 'Mantra' in Hindusim is assigned to begin and end with OM only. The easiest and quickest way to feel the presence of divine power around and within us is by humming this sacred sound of "OM".

Scientists and Practioners all over the world have feel different advantages of OM through their Experiments and Experiences as listed below-
  • Helps in gaining focus by removing distractful thoughts from the mind.
  • Helps in calming the nervous system and thus increasing our emotional quotient.
  • Helps in relaxation of body and mind by slowing down the breathing process.
  • Makes the surrounding atmosphere soother and thus oxygenation of our whole body.
  • Vibrations produced during chanting of OM is helpful in recovering body from many diseases and strengthening our immune system.
How to Chant "OM"
As explained before that OM consists of three sanskrit words-" aa, au and ma", so during chanting process we should first start with "aa". Sound of "aa" should start with our centre point of stomach and then without any break or obstruction move on to "au". Sound of "au" should start with our heart and then further move on to sound "ma" starting it from our vocal cord. 
Important-Before beginning this process take a deep breath (Inhale Air) as chanting is completly and continous exhaling process. Start with "aa" move on to "au" and end the cycle with humming of  "ma" a bit longer than previous two words. 

"OM" can not be bounded to any single religion.It is just that Hinduism has understood its significance and therfore has made "OM" an important aspect of its philosophy. Our sages(ancient times) have done penance and hardships for prolong period of time to understand "OM". Otherwise it is a mystical gift of GOD to humankind. Feel it, Enjoy this and Get Elevated.

Don't wait now, Don't Waste You time any Further, Include "OM" in your life and get connected to "Divine", The Almighty straight away.

Afterall Spirituality along with History is needless to say, powerful enough; to guide us into a bright new Future World.

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