Sunday, October 7, 2012

An Endless Search For MOTIVATION-Ends Here

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Here comes the darkness'
Full of unpredictable and wild moments'
Heart is at Stake and beats becomes drum'
Brain becomes numb and Life runs on rum'

Time can be the biggest villain and greatest hero in any body's life. Sometimes it gives pleasant surprises and othertimes aukward memories. In these circumstances the very often question is search for some source of power to rise again, answers to tackle questions like sunnyday drained by rains, and the most important thing is to get motivated consequently so as to prevent efforts go in vain.

In these times look upon your past, remember the winning moments, glorious memories and feel like winner you always had been. Let rewind reel of those old times in our brain when times were perfect, everything would fall in place as it should be and we often portray that winning smile on our face.

Read biographies of great personalities of history, listen stories of your ancestors from granny and analyze how they have struggle their path towards greatness.

  • Daylight comes always after Night
  • When those times have passed-by these times too will be soon
  • Sometimes path of life extends beyond those blind ends
  • You are born to live your Life and realize the Call of your Destiny
Remember those stormy nights
When you had most daring fights
Everybody was staring at you; ready for a strike
Thunder lights and no mights

In those darkest moments 
Almighty Grants you a boon
 To be realized soon
Bell rings and you remember winning sights
Ray of hopes and Power of motivation
Started flowing in your veins

Fight, Fight and Fight
Try, Try and one more Try
Let it happens till you dry

Now the world is at your feet 
And Destiny is calling you for a meet

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